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See how many calories you have in your favorite holiday appetizers

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We know, we know. This is the grinch-best thing that has ever happened to the holidays: a photo filled with all your favorite apps and gross calorie values ​​next to them. We are sorry! For anyone trying to stay on the menu during the holiday season, this is a lifesaver. P.S. We ranked them from the best to the worst based on the number of grams of fat per calorie.

All nutrition information was collected in 2018 from USDA.gov .

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10. Cocktail shrimp

The best option is the always reliable cocktail shrimp. Five shrimp only 70 calories and there is hardly any fat. Once you dip them into cocktail sauce, you can double that calorie count (from cocktail sauce not to mention a sodium bomb).

. 9 Chex Mix

You can eat a whole cup of it for 240 calories with minimal fat, so expect it.

. 8 Caramel Popcorn

173 calories for a cup means this is not the worst in the world but these 22 grams of sugar sneak up on you.

. 7 Sausage Balls

260 calories for four balls may seem innocent until you find that these bad guys contain 18 grams of fat.

. 6 Pigs in a Blanket

170 calories for three pieces and 13 grams total are not terrible, but who only eats three?

. 5 Cheese Balls

These are a little harder to measure as it depends on which type of cheese you use and what toppings you add. However, with some cheddar cheese balls, you can cover almost 200 calories for three bites. Rude

4. Brie

95 calories for a small ounce are hard to swallow, but you can only eat Brie for a few days a year, right?

. 3 Cocktail Meatballs

100 calories per meatballs may not sound like the end of the world, but with about nine grams of fat per ball, they can add up quickly.

. 2 Deviled Eggs

160 calories for two halves means these cute little eggs are secretly filled with fat (about 14 grams of fat for two halves!). If you want a healthier version, use less egg yolk – that's where most fats live – and opt for a low-fat mayo.

. 1 Dips

Woof. There is a reason why dips only come to the table on public holidays. Standing at 170 calories for about four scoops (and about 17 grams of fat) means that nothing goes around in a bowl of cheesy, melting, happy proportions.

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