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Season 8 of the Game of Thrones Trailer Theory says that Arya is run by Undead Starks

If you've seen the Trailer of Season 8 Game of Thrones a few hundred times, you're probably wondering why so much of it takes place in Winterfell Crypts. Above all, the trailer is opened, as Arya runs from something in the depths of her home castle in shock. Reddit fans have spent the past 24 hours debating what it's all about. At this point it would take a lot for Arya, a trained assassin, to be afraid of something like that. Is it the Wights? Is it a white hiker? Is it The Waif again?

It could actually be something more terrible.

What if the White Walkers could somehow find a way to revive the dead Starks buried in Winterfell Crypts? Before you say that's too crappy ̵

1; even for Game of Thrones keep in mind the imagery we've seen in promotional material for this season so far. There was this teaser of Jon, Arya and Sansa, who went through the Winterfell crypts and saw all the faces of the dead who were buried there who died in this war. Old Nan, Maester Luwin and – if their bodies were brought back to Winterfell after their death – Robb, Ned, Catelyn and Rickon could be just what scares them.

More specifically, Catelyn, returning as Wight, would be a good fan service for another reason: it would be an allusion to the "Lady Stoneheart" of the books (an undead version of Catelyn that has not yet appeared on the show ) Consider this also strategically for the Night King. He besieges Winterfell, and how can one attack from the gates, rather than create a bunch of soldiers who surprise life? Some have speculated why we see Arya running – from the crypts to warn everyone else.

This scenario would do this series in an extremely messy way. Death has defined Game of Thrones . The show is known for killing heroes. From the moment Joffrey Ned beheaded, everyone was expendable. The tragedy and death have followed the Starks from the beginning. And when death is hounded from beyond the wall, it is only fitting that death persecute it again – this time in the literal forms of its dead relatives.

Oh man, it's dark, but that's what we expect from this show. Luckily, Jon will definitely ride a dragon.

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