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Scott Mathison's 1:10 Bodyweight Challenge

There are workouts and there are challenges. Fitness Model, Trainer and Actor Scott Mathison likes to build fitness with the former, but he likes to test it with the latter.

If you've tried it with his 40-rep bar challenge or 240-rep bodyweight challenge, you know what you're doing here: combat fatigue, feel the pump and breathe hard from start to finish. No, you can not perform the 1-to-10 challenge while using the & # 39; gram & # 39; scroll. But it will be over in minutes and you will feel much more than done.

Mathison's latest challenge is a pyramid log, in which you round up from top to bottom through the ladder ladder. If you finish the reps for each exercise in turn, this is a round. In turn 1

, do 1 repetition each to begin. then 2 repetitions for round 2; then 3 reps each for round 3; up to 10 repetitions for round 10, the last round.


Simple enough, right? There is a catch: within each round, you must not rest between exercises. Take a moment to sit back in between laps, but this breather should not last longer than 60 seconds. If you are still in the first rounds with 1-4 reps, you should not need time at all. I have to earn this break first!

"Everything is fast," says Mathison. "I do the reps quickly and switch quickly between the moves."

Put simply, the intensity should stay high all the time. Even if you think that you are a professional in body weight, this will grab your attention!

Mathison recommends repeating this exercise every few weeks to test your fitness. Time yourself and try to beat your previous record with every attempt. Once you've braked through all ten laps, work your way back down the pyramid, from nine reps to one.

Can not you get enough of Scott Mathison? In addition to his other challenges, try his Full-Body Superset Workout and Functional Muscle Back Workout!

Technique Keys


They only count when they are clean! No deductions or half reps are allowed if you want to make the most of it. Start with fully outstretched arms and stretched lats. Pull yourself up until your chin releases the rod. The descent should be controlled under constant muscle tension.

  Pull Up

Push Up

Put your hands under your shoulder and position your feet shoulder width. If you support your core and keep your buttocks pressed, you can get a neutral pelvis and not sag your hips. Again no cheater repeats allowed. Raise your elbows to 90 degrees before exploding again.

Hanging Knee Raise

In the starting position, your legs and arms should be straight. Raise your knees to your chest and keep the core moving to avoid swinging. Your hip flexors are heavily involved in this movement, but use the connection between mind and muscle to imagine that you only pull your legs up with the abdominal muscles. You can make these settings on a Roman chair machine if this exercise is new to you.

  Hanging Knee Raise


Jump from the ground with both feet towards the upper body and push yourself. If you have tight hip flexors, jump your feet out of the shoulder width. Explode upwards and stretch your arms up to the ceiling. When you come down again, drop your chest to the floor before repeating it.

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