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Score more goals with these football tips from Strikes Coach of England

It does not matter who you are or where you play, you want to score goals. The good news is that in every player, even the most clumsy defender, there is a predatory striker waiting to come out. That's what we decided anyway, when we suddenly started our weekly five-minute team after a shooting exercise under the supervision of Allan Russell at a Sure event.

Russell is a former striker who has played the Scottish Premier League and later became an impressive coach who switched to England before the last World Cup. A few crazy shots during the practice made little difference, but the many advices we received from Russell did. Here are the tips that should help every casual player.

. 1
Slow It Down, Speed ​​It Up

The exercise we tried with Russell was about iPads and colors – probably not much for you – but it also involved quick tempo changes, and Russell shouted "SLOW IT DOWN" a lot. before it quickly went into space shoot and be ready. Adding speed variations to our game has forced an opposing defender to switch off.

. 2 Use Your Warm-Ups Carefully

"Too many players do not get enough repetition in practicing the basic version, both in areas they should board and get in," says Russell. Once a week, if you are a type of player who is committed to fitness and fun (and, of course, goals and fame), you may be struggling with dedicated training time, but there is no reason why you can not use your warm-up. At this point, where you all stand around and hit the ball into the goal? Just be smarter.

"If you think you have a good chance of being in a game in a particular situation, you should get into that situation before playing warm-up," Russell says. "Identify two types of finish in two different areas and get the reps."

. 3 It's all in the hips

The next time you play football, make a mental note to track the movement of your hips. If they are lying around everywhere and constantly misaligned, keep this in mind. "Keep your hips linear and do not rush things," says Russell. "Once you do that, you endanger your balance and your contact with the ball. That's when people start scratching or hitting it high or far. "

. 4 Stay patient, stay dangerous

"For a striker, there is a first and a second phase, the beginning and the end of the build-up," says Russell. "Many players come into an area where they can not influence the second phase. Top strikers are patient and patrolling certain areas because they know they can easily get to the next stage of the game. It's about staying patient and being dangerous.

"Many young players and non-professionals feel that they need to be involved in the game to fall too low or too far. Patrol areas where you can maximize your chances to score rather than just engage in the game.

Coach spoke with Alan Russell at a surah event designed to encourage people to exercise more. For more information, visit Twitter @Sure and Instagram @SureFootball #NeverMoreSure

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