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Saucony Endorphin Shift running shoe review

I won’t bury my feelings (because my therapist told me to stop): The Saucony Endorphin Shift running shoes are by far the best shoes I tested for the 2020 SELF Certified Sneaker Awards this year. I’ve been working for SELF magazine for five years now – I’ve tested many lots Shoes during my tenure – and I don’t think I’ve ever been as dizzy writing about a product as I am right now.

The Saucony Endorphin Shift is really designed to keep your body comfortable from the beginning to the end of a run. Saucony’s PWRRUN cushioning gives the shoes a pillow-like feeling, minus the feeling of sinking into a cloud of mush. It also feels light, and the shape of the shoe naturally propels you forward without spending a ton of energy to power your body.

How I tested

I should tell you: I have a love-hate relationship with running. On the one hand, I love the ability to get my body to hit new personal records (PR). I̵

7;m the crazy guy on the street doing an awkward dance that most people would only like to do in the shower because my average mile pace was faster than my last run. Then there is the other part of me who dread the thought of barely walking two miles if I could see the same thing all over again Will & Grace Follow for the fourth time while waiting for my takeaway delivery. But it’s one of the most accessible ways to get out of my apartment and move my body right now, so I usually lean on the love side.

On an average week, I probably run between two and four miles every other day. Lower mileage is for days when I either just want to straighten my legs after sitting at my computer all day or want to do a speed training run and don’t plan to save energy for the distance. A 5K run is my minimum for a “long” run that takes place on the weekends. But when I really hit a rhythm, I walk solid four or five miles.

This is pretty much my Strava bio. It’s also a sneak peek of what I did to test out the Saucony Endorphin Shift shoes. My test routine followed the criteria recommended by our experts. You can find more information about their criteria here. For my full evaluation of the shoe, everyone at work is sick of me talking about it. Just read on!


Okay, I know I hyped these shoes, but I need to get one drawback out of the way right now: They fit pretty well. I usually wear thick socks when I run. When I wore these to put these shoes on, my feet felt like they were suffocating – so I opted for a much thinner sock. My feet still felt light bruised, but I could wiggle my toes a lot better. If you like to wear thicker socks while running or if you want to wear thick socks in the fall and winter when the temperature is cooler, I would definitely recommend trying a half size larger.

Shape of the shoe

The shoe didn’t curve up too much and conformed to my flat feet. It didn’t feel like the curvature of the shoe was fighting the flatness of my feet, which I noticed on a couple of runs. The toe box was a little narrower than I like, but there was still enough room for my toes and sides of my feet to feel safe but not choked.

Feeling of the shoe

This will be the longest part of the review, so buckle up.

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