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Running for beginners: Free couch for the 5K plan

Driving five kilometers without stopping is a big goal. It is a goal that requires only a pair of coaches, can be done anywhere and is accessible to almost everyone in a few months. Along the way, you will also see clear signs of how much you are improving your fitness, as you find that you are able to keep walking every week.

It is true that the first few times you run are unlikely to be so comfortable because your body is not used to it. But the good news is that your body will adjust in no time. This plan increases the number of runs that you perform very slowly, so that your body can gradually adapt to acclimatization and you do not have to worry about your legs being too stiff to run the next day. If you stick with it for a few months, it's absolutely certain ̵

1; and that's a 100% takeover guarantee – that you'll start to run. They could even become addictive.

There are many ways to work towards a first 5 kilometer course. You can download one of the many available Couch-to-5K apps or ask your local running club if they are creating beginner training groups working towards a 5K course. They will almost certainly do it, and this may be the best way to get started, because you will be dealing with a group of like-minded beginners who are going on the same journey as you, led by experienced runners who are capable of doing so Answer any questions you may have.

If you want to fly alone, another great way to build your first 5km is to follow this eight week training schedule.

8-Week Couch-to-5K Training Plan

This plan for a 5K plan was designed by running coach Ed Kerry (therundoctor.co.uk) and is based on three sessions a week. You can distribute these sessions as you like, although it is probably wise to aim for at least one day of rest between them.

Each week, the first session is a mix of walking and walking at repeated intervals. For example, in the first week, you run for 30 seconds, then run for 30 seconds, repeating the pattern 15 times.

The second session a week is simply a case in which you have to walk or run for a certain amount of time, with the mix being complete right up to you.

In the third session of each week you will cover 5 km each time. Everything will be fine in the first few weeks, but from the fourth week onwards, you'll start to slow down and run until you're done with the whole thing at the end of the 8th week.

Week 1

Session 1 Run 30 seconds, go 30 seconds, repeat 15 times.
Session 2 Run / Walk 10min (freestyle)
Session 3 Walk 5km and determine how long you need. 19659017] Week 2
Session 1 45 second run, 45 second run, repeat 12 times
Session 2 15min run / run (freestyle)
Session 3 Walk 5 km (Hit target) last week)

Week 3

Session 1 Run 60 seconds, go 60 seconds, repeat the process 10 times
Session 2 Run / Walk 20 minutes (Freestyle)
Session 3 Go 5 miles (goal to beat the time of the previous week)

Week 4

Session 1 90 seconds running, 90 seconds running, repeating 8 times [19659013] Session 2 25min (Freestyle)
Session 3 [19659012] 1 km run, 4 km run

Week 5

Session 1 2min run, 2min run, repeat 6 times
Session 2 30min run / run (freestyle)
Session 3 [3] 19659012] Walk 2km, go 3km

Week 6

p itzung 1 Run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes, repeat 5 times
Session 2 Run / Walk 35 minutes (Freestyle)
Session 3 [19659012] Run 3 km, go 2 km

Week 7

Session 1 Run 5 minutes, walk 2 minutes, repeat 4 times
Session 2 Run / Walk 40 minutes (freestyle)
Session 3 [19659012] Walk 4 km, walk 1 km

Week 8

Session 1 Run for 10 minutes, go 60 seconds, repeat 3 times
Session 2 Running / Walking 45 minutes (Freestyle)
Session 3 [19659012] Running 5 km

Once you've done that, you may want to join a friendly group such as a London Parkrun or review our 10km training plans.

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