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Rob Delaney reflects in social media post about sobriety, death of son Henry

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Getty Images David M. Benett [19659004] Rob Delane In an emotional social media post Monday, he reflected his 17-year sobriety as well as the challenging year of his Family.

"I'm 17 years sober today," he wrote Monday morning in a Twitter post. "17 years ago I was in a wheelchair in prison. Today I am not. "

" I am deeply grateful to the alcoholics who lit the way for me and helped me to have the ability to lead a good life, "he added.

The Comedian who ended his drinking in 2002 after a drunken car accident took him to hospital, and in January 2018 lost his two-and-a-half-year-old son Henry to a brain tumor. He described the heartbreaking loss in a deadly essay in September of which he said he had joined in to help "parents of very sick children … know that someone understood and cared for them Has". He wrote again in his social media post about the death of his son. brutal year "for him and his family – and that it would be" much worse "if he were not sober.

" Sobriety allowed me to be a reasonable good father, husband and worker, "he wrote." Sobriety allowed Mourning is an expression of love. "

It was a tremendous achievement for the Deadpool 2 and Catastrophe and a powerful message that this is the case enthused fans and celebrities who supported the comic, as well as some reflection on their own sobriety.

"Thank you to everyone who helped me," Delaney concluded, "I can not do it alone."

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