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Ribble Hybrid AL and Electric Bike Review: The Benefits of Style over Substance

Ribble's first hybrid e-bike certainly has the wow factor. I saw this for the first time on the London Bike Show this year, and the petrol blue color, contrasting tires and faux leather seat and handles are nothing, if not an eye-catcher. The absence of a bulky battery attached to the rack or down tube also meant that I pressed the on / off button twice.

It also made a strong first impression when I hacked Coach . s Test model from the box – because I could lift the bike out of the box without fighting, as I have with any other e-bike that was delivered rather than run over. It's only 13.5 kg and it's unlikely that you'll find an e-bike that's significantly lighter ̵

1; 20 kg is standard for e-bikes worth £ 2,000.

It was optimistic that this would become the best e-bike – I rode a bike. In my experience, there is no noticeable difference in performance and performance between "urban" hybrid e-bikes of different brands. This is mainly due to the dominance of third-party battery and engine systems, which are almost always manufactured by Bosch and Shimano.

Ribble has used something else in the form of ebikemotion, which hides the battery in the down tube. This not only makes the bike lighter, it also looks and feels more like a traditional bike. The downside is that the battery does not last that long – at the highest level of assistance I've got between 30 and 40km out of a charge – and the system is not as powerful as others.

It's still easier than riding a traditional bike, but I realized I had to work harder, especially uphill. This is not a complaint but just an indication of the compromise that the ebikemotion system has made.

One complaint I will argue is that the engine's response to the on / off feel of cheaper e-bikes Has. The more you pay, the better are the sensors that help the engine gradually produce more power, according to the power transmitted by the pedals, giving much better control and a more natural feel.

Instead, as soon as I started pedaling the AL e, the engine came on and generated the amount of support I had selected – there are three and I have always chosen the highest one. This is unlikely to be a problem if you are not driving in a busy urban area, but I am switching between South and Central London and when I pedal quickly to downshift down a gear when I am at a red light closer, the engine accelerates me.

] On other e-bikes, you can use a console on the handlebars to lower the assistance level quickly. Although a key is present on the crossbar, this is not as fast as necessary when approaching a traffic light.

Otherwise, I'm a big fan of this button. That's why there's a glowing halo that changes the color between white, green, orange and red every time you press it. The color indicates the battery level and, if you press the button, the level of support you have selected. It's intuitive and means you can get started quickly.

The other advantage of the button is that it is discreet, which meant that I felt safer when I locked the bike outdoors for a short time because it looks like a normal hybrid at first glance and therefore hopefully looks less tempting for thieves. It does not look cheap, but it does not scream for a four-wheeled e-bike.

The charging port is characterized by an inconspicuous rubber flap in which the down tube meets the seat tube. This means you can not leave your bike locked in the open air and take the battery out to charge it indoors, but I did not want to leave a two-wheeler outside overnight anyway.

There is also a partner app for smartphones and smartwatches. Here you can track rides, change the scope and rate of support for each level and, if you have a handlebar mount, view live stats on your ride. If you also search for a subscription, the navigation will be added.

The other problem I had is that some of the accessories feel bad quality. The cap from one end of the handlebar fell off – luckily this happened when I locked my bike overnight so I could put it back on it a few days later, as I realized – and the other cap started coming out at the end of the test period , A crack also appeared in the back of the imitation leather seat for no apparent reason, and the seat was too hard for my taste. I also managed to break the Knog Oi Classic doorbell with the "fully loaded" option (with extra fenders and a rack and some extras) by hanging a padlock on the handlebars while I was riding the bike moving.

For these reasons I would be tempted to look at the Orbea Gain F30 instead. Although we have not driven it yet, it uses the same ebikemotion system, is also a hybrid, has broadly equivalent specifications, and is £ 200 cheaper. These are not the biggest differences. So if you only have eyes for this beautiful beauty, we would not withhold it from you.

Buy at Ribble | £ 1,999- £ 2,099

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