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Review of the new vegan and vegetarian lifestyle of Chipotle

I like to call Chipotle "Chi-bloat-le" because I often leave so when I'm stuffed with such a massive burrito on my upper ribs that I have to wade through the parking lot.

When I heard that Chipotle had released "pre-configured" vegan and "vegetarian" bowls to offer customers "meat-free alternatives" (press release language!), I wondered if I could finally enjoy the flavors of Chipotle after that

So here I was in front of my local Chipotle Sofrito singer, ordering one of their new "vegetable" bowls.

I pick my rice, my beans, and then the sofritos (spicy). smoky tofu crumbles for the uninitiated) automatically pile on it.

I select my salsa, add salad and then the employee asks if I want sour cream or cheese, which could offend me vegan, but then I realize that he About as much as I know, Hell is actually making a Chipotle Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle Bowl, and then I say "No, thank you."

The tab is $ 1

5, which I briefly see as a bit steep, since I basically ordered eaten rice and beans (tofu) is at least from soybeans, but I'm hungry and slightly confused, so I sit down.

When I put my plastic fork through every hill of food, I can not help but feel crazy. Or rather, I was "Taco-bell-ed". It's an old joke: The five ingredients of Taco Bell are combined in a completely new way .

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I'm confused because Chipotle's" new "vegan and vegetarian lifestyle bowls are not" new. "No new flavors And when I look around, there's not even a new fanfare.

Remember the early 2000's when McDonald's added bacon to his menu? There were commercials, in-store promotions, banners rolled up. It was when Ronald himself had discovered the pork product and had decided to share the blessing in a great way with the world.

I looked around at Chipotle and could not even mention the new bowls.

I ate half every meal left the restaurant, waddled through the parking lot (the chi bloat-le effect is still there) and contacted a man I hoped would help me get over the confusion of my experience: Aaron Allen of Aaron Allen & Associates, a global restaurant consulting and marketing company.

"Aaron, why do I feel like I've been cheated somehow? As if I had sold something "different", that's actually the same thing, "I ask him, the oppressive taste of this transfigured rice and beans still disappointing my taste buds.

Allen tells me that I'm & # 39; I Feel Feeling That Way.

Chipotle's new CEO, Brian Niccoli, was from Taco Bell, where recycling and repackaging of ingredients was the norm, and Chipotle does not need new equipment in terms of scaling and execution This approach has been proven to work to some degree for Taco Bell, so why should not it work for Chipotle?

My synapses are burning, connection form, I'm neo, and learning How The Matrix Works I Express Yourself. "Aaron, Why Now? Why Lifestyle Bowls?"

Allen explains that in the world of food two t moving ectonic plates.

First, more people are open to the idea of ​​eating less meat. Maybe it's for her health, maybe it's for the health of the planet, maybe it's both.

Second, brands like Chipotle have found that they can succeed in recognizing the recognition and enthusiasm of and for popular new diets, whether they are present or not, diets are actually healthy for you.

There's a halo effect, says Allen. Everyone in the restaurant industry is looking for a way to say "healthy" (because if you name a food as such, nobody will buy it). and "diet" is a negative word.

That's why other restaurants like Panera use the word "clean". In "Chipotle's Case," "lifestyle" offers a similar misguidance, suggesting that a product is good for you and linked to individual market segments that live accordingly. Food rules (Paleo, Keto, Whole30, bla bla bla) ,

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My third eye opens, I'm in. I have Kung Fu. I ask one last question, almost frightened of what I'll find "Aaron, why did not I see any signs on Chipotle about these new dishes? Mention them on the menu."

Allen goes into great detail that Chipotle is unlikely to put any advertisements in stores because of them you've already added to the store through advertising. [19659002ChipotleweißwahrscheinlichdurchData-MiningdassSieinIhrerdrittenWocheinKetoPaleolebenoderWholekaumüberleben30undvielleichtwissenSiedassSieVeganeroderVegetariersindundobsieestatsächlichtunIchkannIhnendurchgezielteWerbungsagendasssieeinneuesLihabenFestyleBowlwirdIhnensehrgefallen

Allen talks about neuromarketing and AI and APIs, but I hear only half because I now understand where me this wild rabbit hole of Chipotles Lifest yle Bowls: Intelligent brand marketing is happening now long before you go to a restaurant – and you may not even be there I am aware that you are being manipulated by this marketing.

I did not know anything about Chipotle's vegan and vegetarian lifestyle bowls until I read the press release because I'm not vegan or vegetarian. There is no signage because the signage is all around me and not visible at the same time. Chipotle's Vegan Lifestyle Bowl is not sold to me because I probably would not buy it.

This feeling settles with me after I have talked to everyone, and somehow I feel a little more uncomfortable than in the Chipotle.

I now have the knowledge to dodge any bullets that Agent Smith shoots in my direction, but what if I'm too lazy from another trip to Chi-bloat-le to avoid the goal of which I do not know it's on my back?