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Resistance band exercises for your butt by a fitness trainer

Resistance Bands are one of the insidious products that seem harmless but are actually a terrible (uh, literal) way of resisting body weight training with minimal equipment.

Warming up or developing the prey, introducing resistance bands into your routine is an easy way to start those glutes. Not only can they be used everywhere (a breeze at home), they are also very cheap – win all around.

"Bands are the bomb," says Orangetheory fitness trainer Garner Pilat. "They are aimed at muscles that you would normally not work with, especially the Gluteus medius (1

9459003, What's the matter, Lollipop! ). In most people, this muscle is underdeveloped, which then leads to lower body injuries Prevent Injuries While You're Trashing Your Trash In The Trunk – Who Would Not Want That? "



There's a ton that you can do with resistance bands. However, you can start by combining these four steps to burn an eight-minute prey. Try each move for 30 seconds and rest twice for the next 30 seconds. If you feel sharp, increase the intensity to 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.

. 1 Plank tools

<! – Photo: Lauren Perlstein

Pilat says: "This is one of my favorite moves – not only does the plank affect your entire core, but also the hops heart rate high, so with or without bands a great one Warm-Up! Control is Everything Here – Make sure your butt is in line with your torso to avoid too much rebound. "

Try it: Begin in a forearm plank with the Band right over your ankles, stack your shoulders over your elbows and keep your butt with your torso in line. Jump your feet through your legs, shoulder-width, and then back in again for 30 to 45 seconds, keeping your feet between them when you jump in. Try not to touch her! If you feel your lower back is falling, take a break. Drop to your knees and jump back up when you're ready.

. 2 Hydrants

<! – Photo: Lauren Perlstein Pilat says: "I love this train because it does not take much to feel it – try to keep your back as flat as you do while shaking your leg Raise 90 degrees and the still side will feel a cheek fire! "

Try it: Begin in a table position with your shoulders over your wrists and hips above your knees With your knees apart, spread your fingers wide apart, rest your lower abdominal muscles and insert the coccyx to protect the lower back.

If you press the right hand into the mat, keep the knees bent 90 degrees when lifting the knee left leg as high as possible without dropping the right hip. Return to the center and repeat the process for 15 seconds on the left side before switching to the right for 15 seconds (if you are going for 45 seconds, do 20 seconds on each side and rest a bit). The attitude of the child feels great after this move.

. 3 Lateral Step-Outs

<! – Photo: Lauren Perlstein Pilat says: "This is a lower body burner." Holding a squat is enough, but adding alternate lateral steps will make it happen for those loot! With step-outs Remember to stay low and stay low by running your heel while standing side by side. "

Try it : With the resistance band Just above your ankles, separate your feet to your hips and sit back as if you were sitting in a chair.

Like a normal squat, your weight should be mainly in the heels (do you already feel the glutes and quads, huh?) And your knees in line with your feet. Keep your buttocks low and your chest upright, keeping your body weight in your left foot while kicking your right foot about 8 to 10 inches to the right. Return to the center and repeat for 30-45 seconds on the left side.

For additional challenge, increase the band to the middle of the tibia or choose a thicker resistance band.

. 4 Squat to Kickback

<! – Photo: Lauren Perlstein Pilat says : "I love this combo train, because adding a kickback for the basic squat can improve the stability and balance of your core You stow your tailbone and harness your lower abdominal muscles as you lean back to protect your lower back. "

Try it : Stand with the band just above your ankles with your hips spaced apart , Squat down by leaning your butt back like a chair, holding your chest up, keeping your knees above your feet, and spreading the weight evenly across your feet.

Stand all the way back and keep your torso upright. Raise your right leg at a 45 degree angle backwards. You do not have to lift very high to activate your buttock muscle. So, when you feel your spine curl, reduce the movement. Change legs for 30 to 45 seconds.

For additional challenge, you can lift the band up to the middle of the rail or choose a thicker resistance band.

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