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Release date, cast, details and more

The following story contains spoilers for the first season of The outsider. If you haven’t seen all season or you want to indulge yourself, now is the time to stop reading.

With Stephen King The outsider was published in 2018 and heralded as one of the legendary horror writer’s best novels in years. Two years later, the same book was turned into a 10-part HBO series that flocked to fans and critics alike. While the story of King’s book was largely told and completed by the end of the season, there seems to be a number of indications that the show may return for a second season.

Apparently, this would actually lead the series to unknown territory. This is a trick that HBO did before ̵

1;The rest covered the plot of Tom Perrotta’s book in season one before continuing for two more by Damon Lindelof; Big little lies had a second season last summer that was completely independent of the plot of Lianne Moriarty’s book of the same name.

But then, in April, something changed: King published another book. This book, a collection of four short stories entitled If it bleeds found the horror master who told four previously untold stories – and one of them, the cover story “If It Bleeds”, ” returned to the characters of Holly Gibney and Ralph Anderson. This story or an expanded / customized version of it could form the basis for a second season.

Another hint that a second season might be in the works? Stephen King retweeted this from colleague Linwood Barclay:

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Let’s take a look at more evidence.

Will there be a second season of? The outsider?

While HBO hasn’t officially announced a second season of the show, Stephen King confirmed that the show is preparing to film a second season during a recent interview with Weekly entertainment. He allegedly discussed his other Holly Gibney Show, Mr. Mercedes, this is now only streamed on Peacock, but mentioned in passing The outsider is about to start a second season.

King discussed the differences between Cynthia Erivo’s attitude towards Holly The outsider against Justine Lupe’s admission Mr. Mercedes, referring to Lupe having more seasons, more episodes, and more time to make the role her own.

“… Cynthia could get that time because there will be a second season of The outsider as soon as they can get production going, “he said.

We suspected there would be a second season; While the book’s plot was exhausted at the end of the season, a cliffhanger (not from the book) gave the impression that it certainly gave an idea of ​​where things were going. In an interview with Collider In April, however, Jason Bateman said there was talk of a second season:

Well, I know they’re talking about it, and Richard Price is playing around with some ideas and taking some first steps on what the second year might feel like. Obviously, it’s a complete free ball because the first season was 100% exhausted [Stephen King’s] Book, the IP. So it’s really up to him. I never like stepping on writers’ lawns. It’s something I’ve always held onto Ozark. I’ll leave Chris Mundy all by himself and do my job as a director as soon as I get the script. I get in touch from time to time and offer my opinion, but it is always up to the writer to take when he wants and to reject when he wants.

It should also be noted that this interview was published prior to King’s release When it bleeds In late April. So it’s possible Bateman and Price didn’t even know that more source material was going to be on the way. Anyway, that’s still out there.

Season 1 of The outsider didn’t stick to the book 100% – it retained most of the tentpole moments in history and expanded when needed. It also made some changes that need to be kept intact for a second season. If season two actually follows “If It Bleeds,” it’ll likely be similar: keeping up with King’s story while keeping the bigger story for television (and in line with the existing story and characters).

What would Season 2 of The outsider approximately?

In an interview with THIS ONE, King confirmed that the scripts for the new season have been written and that he has seen some of them. But he wasn’t at all ready to tip his hat.

“I know exactly where it’s going because I’ve seen some of the scripts. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” he said. “I’m just saying that it’s really great and a really creepy paranormal element.

While Holly Gibney is a main character in the cover story of If it bleeds this type reads like season 2 of The outsider goes in a different direction. And admittedly how good Richard Price’s last HBO project was –The night of who had no source material – we’re curious to see what he invents in Mr. King’s world.

What happened in the end? The outsider Season 1?

During the end of The outsider There seemed to be a few moments that certainly went a long way toward hinting at and building the potential of a second outsider Season. The first one was pretty obvious in one of the episode’s closing scenes. With Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) says goodbye to Holly Gibney (Cynthia Erivo), suggesting that the two could reunite in the future (though he’s hoping for something more normal, “like a gangland triple murder or something”). This obviously prepares the couple for a future True detective-esque adventure.

But what about that credits scene?

The outsider final In the mid-credits scene it gets really wild and invites speculation for a second season. It is believed that Holly was washing her hands in her house a few months later when she gets a terrifying look at Jack Hoskins in her mirror. She checks her throat for the burn that dominated his mind but is relieved to find nothing.

Within a few moments, a terrifying final shot makes something very clear to the audience: Holly has a scratch on her arm. Either El Cuco, Jack, or something else entirely, she has and probably comes for her incredible cognitive gifts. This is a cliffhanger if we’ve ever seen one.

Holly the Outsider Scratch End


Granted, the book ends without that happening, entering completely unknown territory for showrunner Richard Price (who previously directed HBO’s one-season) The night of). Whatever storylines the authors used to think of this cliffhanger, combined with the new source material, We are excited to see where a second season will lead.

Will the cast return?

If the show does, you actually return for a second season – and HBOs, who call the final episode the “season finale” rather than the “series finale”, seem to be fishing that way – than we should at least expect, Mendelsohn and Erivo will return. These are the heroes of the story, and the two of them do a lot of the heavy lifting. Ralph’s wife Jeannie (Mare Winningham) left the final unscathed so it would be reasonable to expect her to come back as well. It is also expected that the trusted ally of the State Police, Yune Sablo (Yul Vazquez), will return.

Claude Bolton (Paddy Considine) didn’t die in the final, but his character is so especially important to This Story (and not personally linked to Holly or Ralph) that he probably wouldn’t return outside of a cameo.

However, given the events of the finale, you can’t expect the deceased characters to return. This is Stephen King, but the story of The outsider has nothing to do with someone coming back from the dead. That said, you shouldn’t expect to see Jason Bateman (Terry Maitland), Bill Camp (Howie Saloman), Marc Menchaca (Jack Hoskins). Andy Katcavage (Derek Cecil), Seale Bolton (Max Beesley) or Alec Pelley (Jeremy Bobb) for the second season.

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