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Reflective cycling apparel to keep you going after the clocks

There is no reason to stop cycling when winter arrives in the UK. Well, that's not quite true. There are many reasons – mainly that it is colder and darker. Maybe it is better to say that there is no reason to stop cycling in winter, if you have the right equipment.

To counter the cold, you need layers that stay warm without sweating too much. To counteract the darkness and the danger that you will not be seen on the road, you need reflective equipment.

Here is our summary of the best reflective cycling apparel and accessories.

Reflective Cycling Jackets [19659005] Proviz REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket

Let's start with the king of reflective jackets. Proviz has not dealt with small reflective stains here and there – it was made easy and the entire jacket was made from a fabric containing millions of reflective beads. It's so thought-provoking that it can give you the shock if the torch beam of your phone falls on it in a dark room if you forget you put it there. More streamlined and breathable than the standard Proviz REFLECT360 jacket (£ 79.99), the REFLECT360 Plus is a better choice for faster riders who do not want to sweat too much.

Buy from Proviz | £ 109.99

Metier Beacon Raincoat

This is not an average waterproof pack. It's lightweight, highly breathable and slim cut to make sure your aerodynamics are just right. However, the most noticeable feature is the LED lights integrated into the front and back of the jacket, which, in conjunction with the reflective pattern on the back, increase your visibility significantly. The front LEDs are 160 lumens and the rear 22 lumens, and the battery lasts for 72 hours in flashing mode and 12 hours if the lights are lit constantly.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 250

Boardman Reflective Cycling Jacket

Halfords has gone all Jedi this season, turning away from the dark side has used reflective materials throughout the clothing and accessories area. This jacket from the in-house Chris Boardman line has a similar 360 ° reflective design to the Proviz jacket, but (a) is cheaper (so we assume it's not that bright) and (b) the sleeves come off To Stop You Overheating It's ideal for a long ride that starts cold but sweaty at the end.

Buy at Halfords | £ 49

Boardman Reflective Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Sure, the gray of the other Boardman jacket is respectable, but those black two -Tone number has a lot of style. Breathable, waterproof fabric and taped seams keep out the rain. And if you do not believe you are hidden in night driving, your arms will hide in a reflective print.

Buy at Halfords | £ 59

Reflective cycling tops

Pactimo Alpine Thermal RT Jersey

If you are the type of cyclist who does not flex with the elements in winter, this jersey will work well as a top layer in the colder months. There are reflective stripes on the arms, shoulders and waist so that the outlines are clearly visible to other road users. Forearm plates help direct the signals in front of the curves to your signals. While the thermal jersey is provided with a soft, fluffy lining, it is comfortable on the skin. However, if you rely on it for the winter, you probably want to wear a slip layer.

Buy at Pactimo | £ 110

Sportful Reflex 2 Vest

If you already have a lot of non-reflective cycling apparel, it may be easier to don this vest than to don a complete new wardrobe. Large reflective patches that extend from the front to the back of the vest ensure that you are seen from all sides while driving.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 32- £ 40

Reflective cycling rucksacks

Proviz REFLECT360 backpack

The most reflective jacket in the world becomes Do not do anything if she's hiding behind a black backpack. Again, we turn to the Master of Visibility, Proviz, for a backpack that shines through the night. It also has a clever ventilation system that allows air to flow between the backpack and back to prevent unwanted clogging.

Buy at Proviz | £ 69.99

HUMP Backpack Cover

If you can not buy your Proviz too well on your non-reflective backpack, this shiny cover is worth picking up for the winter months.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 20 (currently reduced to £ 15)

Reflecting bicycle helmets

Hardnutz Hi-Vis Road / MTB Helmet

It is not just the name of this helmet that stands out – the 14 reflective Scotchlite panels shine brightly when the headlamps fall on it. There are other features we could tell you about, but why bother? They had us and most likely you in Hardnutz.

Buy at Halfords | £ 28

Proviz Reflect360 Bike Helmet

Do you want your head to shine like a beacon while driving through? Of course you do – not only do you make it visible to others, but you also look like you're always having great ideas. If you already have a helmet, Proviz also sells a waterproof, reflective helmet cover (£ 19.99) that will make your noggin extra shiny at night.

Buy at Proviz | £ 69.99

Reflective Bicycle Accessories

Altura Night Vision Windproof Gloves

It's especially important to show that you're wearing these winter gloves. So put on a pair of these reflective gloves. [19659002] Buy at Wiggle | £ 29.90

Respro Ankle Bands

You are being bullied for wearing them at school, so fortunately those days are over and we can see the respect it deserves. In the ankles and feet you can beat reflective things, because they are particularly visible to other people when they swirl around with their pedals. These slap-on bands are light yellow on one side and reflective on the other.

Buy at Respro | 19,99 €

Respro Sticker Kit

To find a cheap and easy solution to your nocturnal viewing problems, try plastering your bike, backpack, clothes and helmet with these reflective stickers.

Buy at Respro | £ 9.99

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