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Recovery Shoes: Excellent equipment for your marathon training that you might not have considered – but should

Now it's officially spring, it seems like more runners are on the road than ever before, but it's probably the same number of runners who stay out longer because spring marathon runners master their long stretches. Those who follow a rigorous training schedule are likely to have already reached the 20-25km limit in one fell swoop, but in March it will be 30-35km that will become the norm – until the rejuvenation phase begins in the final weeks before the race itself , [19659002] They will probably have a lot of equipment to support running every weekend. In addition to a reliable pair of running shoes, there are technical T-shirts and shorts, and hopefully you'll be familiar with on-the-go fuel like running gels and drinking straps, as it's worth getting used to these things for a long time before the race day.

But a kit that you might not have considered is a pair of rescue shoes. These can take various forms, with sliders and flip-flops being the most common, but they all serve the same purpose ̵

1; to support the feet as they recover from long runs.

It may be a little forgiving to treat your feet. To a pair of shoes for recovery, but considering what you can do with the trotters, it is really the least that you can do.

I used recreational shoes last year in the run-up to the London Marathon and experience It's a real sense of joy every time I put it on after a long time. I'm currently using a pair of Oofos flip-flops for recovery, and I've used Hoka Ora sliders in the past. Both have the same advantages – they are lightweight, breathable and give my bows much support. And if you are worried about foot injuries, it is not advisable to walk barefoot or in normal flip-flops after a long run, as this all has additional foot effects that are still recovering from the effort of the run.

Are salvage shoes a panacea for all ongoing injuries? No, but it feels fantastic when you put them on and we all deserve such a boost when we have completed a 30km training run. Here are a few recovery shoes to consider.

The best running recovery shoes

OOFOS Mens OOriginal

If you so desire a flip-flop, this one Ultra-padded beauty from OOFOS is the way to go. The shoe has plenty of padding to aid support after the run, and the extra high arches hold the center of the foot phenomenally in the hand. £ 40, buy at oofos.co.uk

Buy at OOFOS | £ 43

Hoka One One Ora

Hoka running shoes are known for their massive upholstery on the sole. The principle of maximum support has been extended with this extremely comfortable slider for rescue shoes.

Buy from Runner Need | £ 35

PR Soles Recovery Sandals

These sliders see the high support found in other lifejackets and lift them up by adding dots in the footbed to massage the foot while you wear them. Rest assured, the bumps are not uncomfortably tight, but provide the proper support for your aching feet after a long run or after a long day at work.

Buy at Amazon | From £ 28.83 (including shipping)

OOFOS OOMG Fiber Low Shoe

Flip-flops and sliders for recovery are all good and good, but sometimes you can not be open after the race. In this situation, you can just stay in your running shoes, but nobody really wants to run around with the same sweaty shoes they were running in. That's why the rescue shoes from OOFOS are the better choice. The OOMG Fiber Shoe features the same supportive sole as the company's sliders and flip-flops, but adds a stretchy mesh upper.

Buy at OOFOS | £ 120

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