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Cure TTS (Minute Triceps Syndrome)

Q: Should I build my triceps, should I lower my weight and do more repetitions or increase weight and do fewer repetitions? It's hard for me to make them grow.

A: I have a question about your question: Do you lift more weight for more reps than six months ago?

I'll do it Back in a minute why that's important, but first you know that a stagnant muscle group can have several reasons. If you're a dedicated lifter, the biggest thing would be genetics.

You may not be as developed in some areas as others. I have spent many training cycles working on my breast development and yet it's just never the way I would like it to be.

To really maximize the development of a muscle or muscle group, there are some things you need to do to make it respectable. Here they are:

– Progressive Overload

If you do not force your body to get used to a bigger load, it yawns and goes "meh, that's no shit". I know the general consensus among the lifters is that volume affects hypertrophy, but doing a lot of half-hearted garbage just to meet a study-based requirement does not mean that the body is shitty.

Sure, volume has its place. Trying to do more repetitions with more weight will make you grow. This means that you will put a lot of effort into the big movements that put a lot of strain on your muscles.

If you look at the strongest bodybuilders, naturally or boosted, they are more than those who do not do the biggest weights for repetitions. I have not yet seen a man who could close the bench press 405 for small triceps repetitions. I have not yet seen a man who could squat 500 for 20 reps with small legs. That should tell you something.

So, the first step is to find exercises with a high degree of progressive overload, which you can do consistently painless through all motion sequences. A dense press or reverse-grip bench press or dips has a much higher loading ceiling than anything other than pushdowns or kickbacks.

Make them the foundation on which to build your training. If you change from a fixed-grip or reverse-grip bench to 225 x 8 to 275 x 8 over the next six months, your triceps will grow larger.

2 – Mind Muscle Connection

Mind Muscle Connection Was Once Upon Sun Bodybuilders were often talked about, and to some extent, they were rejected as science.

But now we know that the meatheads have been right all along, and there are some studies that confirm that the feeling of muscle work is actually important. If you just think of the muscle you are trying to build up, activation of that muscle may increase during exercise.

It has also been shown that loading also plays a role. What I call a "bridging point" is the point where the load becomes too heavy to make a strong connection between mind and muscle. When this happens, the elevator will do more to move the weight through the room. They lose the increased activation of the target muscle, as other muscle groups are more involved in the weight transfer.

From the point of view of the intensity load, it has been shown that something in the range of 60-80% is the most effective way of keeping a muscle Strong connection between mind and muscle. This area is also usually ideal for muscle growth (8-15 repetitions), depending on the lift and exercise.

If you are having difficulty making a connection between mind and muscle, start training with something that raises the muscle into a shortened position and work isometrics (keeping the contraction) to help with this. Try a pushdown variant. My favorite for this is the reverse grip pushdown.

Get together to roll your ankles towards the body, and think that for 2-3 sets for 3-4 sets.

3 – Frequency

It is probably a good idea to beat each muscle twice a week to improve gene expression and maintain hormone production involved in hypertrophy. More growth occurs when the muscles are exercised twice a week compared to once a week. Three times a week, however, the return seems to decrease in comparison to twice a week.

Also, do not forget that triceps are involved in all urgent variations. So, if you do bench press, incline, over-press, and so on in the same week, the tension applied to them will also be applied to the triceps.

When you prioritize a muscle group, reduce the volume or effort in the areas that are not prioritized. Maintain it. After all, you only have that much energy for a week, so make sure each workout is set up to use the energy for the main goal.

4 – Placement

Train the yielding muscle early in training and also during the week.

In general, muscles hit at the beginning of exercise will grow a little better than those that are trained later. So be sure to train your close work, your reverse grip work or dips earlier this week and first in these workouts to give them more priority.

Chest and shoulders are still working a lot They make tight handles, inverted handles and dips. You do not have to freak out because you lose "gains" in those areas while you prioritize the triceps. They are not giving them EXTRA attention while the triceps is the priority.

5 – Metabolic Stress and Tension

Some basic composite movements should become stronger, but should not be the basis. Repetitive work that induces muscle growth through increased metabolites. And you have to make some sets to fail in order to really get at this modality.

It's also a good idea to take the muscle for full development for different lengths of time. While it is not possible to isolate a particular muscle area from the rest of the muscle, you can use other areas of the muscle more than others through motion selection and execution.

The long head of the triceps carries the brunt of the work in movements that place the triceps in a fully extended position – where there is significant shoulder flexion, such as overhead extensions and PJR pullovers.

The long head of the triceps does not cross the shoulder joint, but the medial and short head do not, which makes them a little harder to isolate. So select movements that tend to tense the long head and select those movements that tend to move it toward the short and medial head. Pushdowns and dips really do a great job.

6 – Giant Sets and Supersets for Size

Some supersets and giant sets work well to induce metabolic stress. I have three target groups for metabolic stress that use different amounts of muscle:

  • Triceps 30: This is a skull-breaker variant where I lower the rod onto my nose for 10 repetitions and then onto my forehead for 10 Repetitions, then behind the head for 10 repetitions.
  • Try this giant set: 12 reps pushdowns, 12 reps overhead extensions and 12 reps bench dips. Do it all back to back and repeat that.
  • Or try this huge set: 12 cross-body cable extensions, 12 dips, 12-seat French dumbbell press. Do it all back to back and repeat it.

Remember that you want to load the muscle with enough force and strain to force it to grow and then allow enough recovery for growth to develop.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I train hard enough?
  • Will be stronger in the middle to higher growth range (8-15)?
  • Do I get a strong connection between mind and muscle the strain I use, the motion selection and the execution?
  • Do I often train the muscle enough to respond to stress and recovery that induces growth?
  • Do I create metabolic stress as an adjunct to Progressive Overload to drive growth?

You do not have to name all these points to build a delayed muscle group, but this speeds up the process. And if you write down your plan to cover all these factors, it will not look as complicated as you think.

Here's an example of how you can beat triceps twice a week. It does not matter what days you choose, as long as they are reasonably well separated each week.

Day 1

Exercise Sets Reps
Reverse Grip Pushdown: Activation 3 12
Turn your knuckles down and back , Hold for 3 seconds at the bottom.
B Closed-grip Bench Press: Progressive Overload 2-3 8-12
Start with a weight that you can perform for 8 repetitions. If you can do 12 repetitions with this weight, increase the load until you have 8 repetitions.
C Cable Extension with Cross Body, Dip, Seat Dumbbell French Press: Giant Set 3 [19659064] 12 / each

Day 2

Exercise Sets Repeats
A Reverse Grip Pushdown: Activation 3 12 Turn your ankles down and back. Hold down for 3 seconds.
B Reverse Grip Bench Press: Progressive Overload 2-3 8-12
Start with a weight that you can perform for 8 repetitions. If you can do 12 repetitions with this weight, increase the weight so that you have 8 repetitions.
C Tricep 30 (Skullcrusher): Metabolic Stress 2 30
Lower the rod 10 reps to the nose, then 10 reps on the forehead and 10 reps behind the head. That's a sentence.

  Fat Loss

Fat Loss without responsibility

Q: I want to eat better and move more. How can I switch the mental switch to make the right decisions when I am alone and there is no other responsibility than me? My mind is my worst enemy.

A: A friend of mine has a great quote on this: "Every meal is a short-term investment in your feeling and your performance, a medium-term investment in your behavior. Look for and a long-term investment in your freedom from disease. "

Sure, accountability is powerful. But ultimately it is in times of freedom that show what we most want. If one is only faithful to one's partner, if one's partner is around to hold him accountable, and if he does not, that freedom deceives a degree of dysfunction-the inability to covert satisfaction at the cost of a committed relationship to renounce.

People do not accidentally end up in astonishing form. They end up there because they make decisions that are in line with what they most want. And they do it consistently. You can sacrifice the temporary joys for a determined, greater good.

The naked-looking person came on a monthly basis for all the little decisions they made each day, week after week, month after meal. This resulted in a shaky body.

They could repeatedly forego the temporary enjoyment they would receive from a plate of 18,456 calorie nachos, and in the long run, it paid off. They believe that your mind is your enemy, but it can actually become your strongest weapon. It all depends on how you mentally shape the things you need to do.

Instead of saying, "I can not eat 18,456 calorie nachos", "I choose to eat foods that turn me into a sexy animal instead of nachos."

Instead of saying, "I want I really eat Oreos until I hate myself. "" I choose this healthy meal because I invest in my life, my goals and myself. "

Ultimately, you have to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. There is a reason why not everyone can receive single-digit numbers. And it's not because they have no physiological problem in their way. That's because they too often accept the short-term joys that bypass the long-term process required for the results.

Now there are no magic or instant tricks that suddenly make you discipline. But there are a few small things that you can do together with your internal preparation to avoid junk food.

  1. Cucumbers and tomatoes are an excellent snack that has low calories and can help you to bridge between meals. If they keep you from getting hungry and babbling with office cookies, that's a win.
  2. Carbon dioxide-enriched diet drinks can reduce your appetite without extra calories.
  3. If you are using protein shakes between meals or as part of using protein requirements, use a blender or NutriBullet and mix for longer than usual. This will froth them with air that can take up more space in the stomach and increase satiety.
  4. Examine your food choices and note how long you feel full after each meal. Some will fill you up longer than others. So, if you find that certain meals have short saturation times, try experimenting with other dietary sources that tend to affect satiety more.


How do you know if you're ready for the show?

Q: How do I know if I'm ready for a bodybuilding show?

A: This is mostly a personal decision. First, ask yourself why you are going to do it and what purpose you think you are doing. If you just try to put it off a bucket list, you can literally do it without training, dieting or tanning. Just pay the start fee, get on the stage and do your best with the obligatory poses.

If you are performing really well and might want to win your class, go to a show or spend time with the winners of the beginner class in the federation in which you want to compete. If you are not close to your level of development or the development of the first three, you might want to build up a bit more muscle first.

Then you have to deal with the subject of diet. Many people struggle to be peeled from the inside because they are afraid to be small. It does not matter if, when you're badly shredded, you actually seem bigger than you are on stage. The guys who show up awkwardly have respect for everyone, whether they win or not.

If you want to do a really good job, you have to spend months and months making that the top priority of your life. In other words, if you have a significant other family or family, you need to understand that you may need to bring food, make more travel to the grocery store than ever, train several times a day, and train. You must be prepared to consider how sullen you will be in the end (not all, but most).

For this reason, many competitors have other competitors. Because people who do not participate in competitions have difficulty understanding all the time, the effort, and the emotions that come with the competition.

You must be aware of this before you get on stage. Because it takes a lot of personal time, and it means that you will have months where you feel like overcooked dying.

If all this sounds really good, and you've taken the time to pack some quality muscle mass, then definitely look for it.

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