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Professional chefs share the red flags of the restaurant in the Viral Reddit thread

There's nothing more frustrating than paying for a meal you did not enjoy, but we often do not know that a restaurant is bad until it's too late. So how can you recognize the signs earlier? Look no further than this reddit viral thread, where food industry professionals exchange warning signs to look out for when choosing a place to eat.

" Cooks, which red flags should people pay attention to when they go out to eat? " asked the r / askreddit thread.

From belligerent waiters to gross floors, these chefs suggest some red flags for restaurants that will help you quickly figure out if a restaurant is worth it, and some behind-the-scenes insights that will help you find the best value for your money. Relationship.

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Look for a spirited cook:

"When employees try to argue with you about the quality of the food, to dissuade you from sending back something cooked Just do it, "says a commentator. If you have a chef who can not stand criticism, your chances of sneezing are greatly increased.

Watch Employees Deal With Each Other:

Keeping an eye on employee dynamics is something that many restaurant employees work for "I always pay attention to how employees interact with each other," says one guy who working as a chef in a small Mexican restaurant does not work because everything runs smoothly and they have a good system, which usually means they know what they're doing and you can expect good food, so it's always for the smaller, family-run restaurants that I visit frequently anyway, and I think they always have the best food. "

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Carpets are a bad sign: [19659010] Restaurants with carpets came from both employees 'and customers' point of view. It turns out nobody likes them; They are unhygienic, stink and can ruin the atmosphere of an otherwise excellent location. "I clean the carpet to make a living, and restaurants are often disgusting," it says in a comment.

Ask specific questions about the fish:

"Ask where your oysters come from, if they do not know you do not want them," says another. "This works for most seafood." In fact, it's a pretty good rule for just about everything. For example, the service staff at a steakhouse should be familiar with the origin of all the meat.

"I worked as a waiter in a place where we were fully informed every night," a commentator recalls. "We needed to know where the meat and fish came from, what the farmer was, what breed of cow, pig or lamb. The more the waiter knows about the ingredients in the food, the more similar it is in a sense a sign They pride themselves on what they do and they take every step to make sure that it is communicated, it is a very good sign. "

Someone else has responded to this post. Note: "If a server can provide much information about preparing a dish, people are more likely to receive the more expensive items as they pay for higher quality dishes." So it's a win-win situation.

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"When a restaurant has a huge menu, everything is frozen," one person advised, while others agreed, "If the menu is a book, it's probably not great."

the cook is really happy:

and a pro gave a tip on how to make a cooking day: "pastry chef here. As much as people say, avoid specials, I can not speak for everyone, but at least in desserts / breakfast pastries, if you see something new, it's worth trying it out. The cook is probably working on it for weeks in his own time. There is a lot of love and effort invested. "

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