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Practical ways to save money quickly

If you are broke, you can learn how to live very economically – trust us, we spent years to figure out how to live next to nothing. This is not one of those stories, "We saved $ 50,000 here while only earning $ 20,000 a year," because hi is not really . Instead, we're here to provide small, actionable steps to help you get the money right, from scratching to saving.

. 1 Go through every subscription for food supplies in the universe.

Seriously, try all out . Remember to cancel your subscription after these $ 60 discount vouchers have been taken for the first five meals.

. 2 Make a list of your luxury items and see what can and can stay.

Do you really need a paid Spotify account if the free account works extremely well? How about your accounts in Hulu, Netflix, Mubi and HBOGo? You can save two and get a library card ̵

1; most libraries now allow you to rent DVDs and stream movies and TV shows.

And wonder if some of your other monthly expenses are really necessary. Is Super Fancy Fitness Club membership required or would a simpler gym be Just Fine? (It would.) And you can bring your own expensive shower products – it's worth it).

. 3 Family plan it up.

And if you decide that yes, yes, really need Hulu, Netflix, Mubi, HBOGo, and a paid Spotify account, start a share system with friends and family. It takes a few minutes of planning, but if everyone in your group subscribes to a service, they all save a lot of money.

. 4 Be the host when you are with friends.

If your house becomes a meeting place, you can avoid spending the overpriced bar prices on a glass of wine (and the bonus, you do not have to worry about finding your way home if you celebrate too tightly or invite invitations for BYO drinks and snacks in the park – all divide and you do not even have to clean your place afterwards.

5 You can really find very good material.

If Looking around a dealership or thrift stores, you'll find plenty of clothing (from furniture and a seemingly endless supply of charmingly tuned shabby-chic glassware) in the search bar of Facebook, search for the name of your city and the word "Garage Sale" to find a lot of local postings.

For furniture websites like Craigslist and online community boards like Nextdoor are fantastic, they can be brand new, high quality articles el, by simply inserting the name of a brand you are interested in ("Crate & Barrel") into the search tool. And check out sites like Thredup, which are basically gigantic online second-hand stores. You can get really well made designer clothes for 1/16 of the retail price, and it's a far more environmentally friendly way to live.

6. Make your money right.

While many different savings accounts offer interest rates, credit unions usually have better interest rates and higher limits. You can also try the Mint app, which will help you find out what you spent where and how you can improve it. Use the Honey app with discount code when shopping online (it's kind of amazing), and give money -back Ibotta app, why not.

7. Take a look at the reduced services.

Groupon has not been as popular in recent years as it used to be, but it's downloadable again – not just for restaurants. Here you will find everything from haircuts and spa services to dental and eye examinations.

. 8 Do strange tasks.

This is a matter of course, but if your paychecks do not expand and you have some spare time, a side appearance is always helpful. You can always opt for Lyft and Taskrabbit, but do not forget the classics like baby sitting gigs (which you can find on Care), Dog Walking (Wag!) Or the use of websites like Upwork to get a few extra bucks for creative To earn tasks. If you have a fun side job, such as a dog taking some of your free time, you will not spend too much (… and the bonus money will not hurt).

9. Change your eating style.

Preparing meals can help you eat healthily while saving money (and avoiding waste). Also, take a look at Food Coop to save money on fresh produce, always buy dry goods like paper towels and do not forget the cheap (and delicious) benefit of having your own garden open.

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You can also create budget-friendly rules for yourself, such as: B. Preparing food for meals you eat alone. This will allow you to create some space for a budget for alfresco dining with friends. And a tip: If you start making friends for breakfast instead of eating and drinking, it's much cheaper – and a really nice way to start the morning.

If you are someone who just hates food planning and always goes to have lunch every lunch, try a service like Mealpal. You can buy a packed lunch for less than $ 6 per meal at a local location, and the company also offers great introductory packages (as we would expect from 40%).

10th Think before you spend.

It's really easy to see something you want, and drop a pile right there. But what if you just did not have … ? Adoption of a two-week to 30-day policy before money is spent on non-emergencies. Businesses spend a lot of time and money searching for the absolute best ways you need before you think about it, but you can avoid their Jedi Minds tricks once you think about them, compare prices and value them. First think; spend later. It's less fun at the moment, but it's more fun to realize that you have the money to spend your holidays this year.

11. Dust off your bike.

You can save so much money on the transport (and you can also do good cardio training and not use fossil fuels) by choosing a bike ride by taking a train or a car. You do not want to invest in your own bike? Check for a bike stock program in your city and look for one of those bad guys – your wallet will feel the relief as well as your feet.

12th Put a personal trainer in your pocket.

There are so many different options for in-app fitness these days, and they are all customizable to your training needs. Although bomb.com is the personal support of a personal trainer, we guarantee that there is a cheaper way to get this workout and still have it, well, personally. At least until you win the lottery.

13. Two words: Trader Joe.

This – and any other brand described in this article – is not #ad. But the whole office of the Greatist is obsessed with TJ and we do not care who knows. We yell it from a tower of Trader Joe's Almond Milk because it's only $ 1.99, so we can afford it!

Seriously – we do not just love their products (did you have this?! or? ), but you can not beat the prices for typical expensive products like quinoa or blueberries. Trust us when we say that the amount of food you can get for your money practically doubles what you would get in another grocery store. Long live the Hawaiian shirt!

fourteenth Satisfy with your film / festival / concert sweet.

Should you break the rules in the cinema? Of course not! Great, now that we've got that out of the way: who did not sneak sweets into a movie theater? You sometimes have to get smart (jackets with pockets at the inside ) because pocket checks are (quite rightly) commonplace in theaters, but hey-drugstore sweets are simply cheaper and every piece helps. This also applies to festivals, concerts and plays. So if you need BYOC, we will not judge.

15th And it's okay to make your friends think you're fancier than yourself.

Yes, we do not fill an old Aesop soap bottle with cheaper Mrs. Meyers, so the bathroom looks nicer than it does is. See also: Upcycling the glass containers from beautiful candles to bud vases and mini planters for succulents (which will kill you, but you know) and your Sangria decanters friends who made them with a couple of bottles of TJ's "Two" -Buck-Chuck "cab sauv, an apple and a few oranges (no one has to see the label ever).

16. Be your own ATM.

You know the saying" out of sight, out of thoughts ", We're pretty sure that phrase came about when debit cards got to the bottom of it, try to withdraw cash on Sunday night or Monday morning, and leave it for the rest of your week, these jackson's feel infinitely more real in your hands than in your bank account.

17. Free.

Take advantage of the free cultural events in your area, so you can study some interesting things, and in the worst case, it's not It's the most amazing time you've ever had, but at least you did not spend a lot of money on it. We have free museum days, outdoor concerts, improvisational shows, cemetery tours … whatever happens, we try everything twice.

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