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Plantronics' wireless earbuds are now available for $ 50

We have already said it, and let's say it again: A great playlist can greatly improve your overall training routine. And while you may already have a lush soundtrack – whether it's a scientifically-backed playlist or "despacito" on reps – you probably need some great headphones.

Theoretically, it should not be so hard to find a good headphone. All you really need is something that provides clear, rich sound that fits your ears perfectly. But with so many prices, brands, and features, the whole process can be confusing.

Today, Amazon simplifies the process by deducting $ 50 from Plantronics' earphones.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100 Genuine Wireless Earphones

Plantronics is known for producing great over-ear headphones that stand up to any workout – and we expect the compact earphones to be just as impressive. Unlike your old-fashioned earplugs, this model is wireless, so you do not have to worry about getting tangled up in the midst of the superfluous chords. Just plug each bud into your ears, pair it with your smartphone and you're ready to go.

Although this model provides a clear, rich sound, the "Always Aware" earplugs are specifically designed to let in ambient noise. In this way, you can hear a great playlist and concerning oncoming traffic or the like. Speaker Announcement reminds you that the gym will be closed in 15 minutes. In addition, these earphones are sweat and waterproof and are therefore ideal for a particularly strenuous workout.

For most sports enthusiasts, very few things can affect your style; For example, your wireless headphones may lose juice during exercise. Not only does this option have a five-hour battery life (longer than some people need for the marathon), it also comes with a charging case so you can power your buds on the move.

Normally, Plantronics headphones cost $ 149.99, which is already less than what you would spend on Apple's trendy AirPods. However, you can only get them for a limited time for $ 99.99. A deal that is so good does not happen often, making buying this pair a breeze.

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