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Why the book "I Know So Much is True" is a big deal

I know so much is true is HBO's latest prestige miniseries. With Mark Ruffalo and written / directed by Derek Cianfrance, it is based on Wally Lamb's novel of the same name from 1998. The book with more than 900 pages was an entry by Oprah's book club in June 1998. HBO's long tradition of Sunday night drama continues this …

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When this guy trained like Chris Hemsworth for 6 weeks

YouTuber Laurie Shaw, who was stuck at home and couldn't go to the gym, decided that there was no better time to download actor Chris Hemsworth's fitness app Centr and train like the god of thunder himself. Shaw's latest videos follow his The result of a six-week program focusing on body weight exercises that do not require any equipment other …

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Use body weight and one-sided load to blow up your chest

Can you build a superhero body weight box? This is a relevant question for anyone who does not have access to a weight room. If you exercise regularly in the gym, bench presses, flies, and barbell movements are likely to be firmly anchored in your chest workout, and that's because they're such great pec builders. Whether you're mixing heavy weights …

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