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One of our most popular fitness apps offers a free 30-day exercise plan

If you have big plans to get fit in 2019 but are not sure how to achieve it, then here's a free quote to use. The FiiT fitness app offers free access to a 30-day plan that includes a series of training videos that you can play in the app and follow at home.

Basically, courses are ideal for beginners, since you do not have to think about what you should do in the gym – just follow the instructions of the trainer and you will get fit. Lessons you can do at home without paying a dime? Well, that's even better.

We were impressed when we reviewed the FiiT app on launch, and since then, the class offering has expanded massively, with sessions divided into three categories: Cardio, Strength, and Rebalance.

The Cardio The classes are HIIT training that focuses on increasing heart rate and cardiovascular fitness, while strength training exercises body weight training to build muscle. The Rebalance section of the app includes yoga and Pilates sessions to increase your flexibility and mobility.

The 30-day free plan does not give you all the contents of FiiT, but you have four weekly classes in all categories that are more than enough to get you into the New Year. The balance between HIIT and strength training alongside the stretching sessions will help you not go overboard in a discipline and burn yourself, but lay a broad base for one year of active activity.

You do not have to Enter all the payment details to use the 30-day plan, which will be available from January 2, 201

9. Simply download the FiiT app (App Store only) and select the Hero Plan in the app. You do not have to start the 30 days immediately on January 2, you can sign up any time before January 31, after which the plan will be available only to Premium FiiT members.

Premium Membership for The The app provides access to every class that FiiT has and costs £ 19.99 per month, £ 44.99 per quarter or £ 119.99 per year. If you choose Premium Membership, you will also receive a FiiT heart rate chest strap connected to the app to count repetitions in strength sessions and to ensure that you work with the right intensity in the cardio classes.

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