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Once upon a time Hollywood Twist Ending and Spoiler explained

• Quentin Tarantinos Once upon a time … In Hollywood the film has now appeared in Unchained in spirit.
• The end could confuse you a bit. That's okay – we've secured you.

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the end of Once upon a time … in Hollywood. If you have not seen it yet and plan on it, you should probably stop reading now!

The plot of Quentin Tarantino's new movie Once Upon a Time … was largely kept under wraps in Hollywood by advertisements, interviews and even trailers. We knew that Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt would be our main characters and played the fictional duo of actor Rick Dalton and his trusty stuntman / best friend Cliff Booth. We knew that Margot Robbie would also play an important role as a true Sharon Tate, and that some other real people, including the Manson family, would take this into account ̵

1; but we did not know how, why or in what capacity.

Now that the movie is out, we finally know everything there is to know – who is in the movie, what happens when and why. And Hoo Boy, it's a jerk. Even though we are not going to enter the Tarantino Ranking at the moment, one can say for sure that Once upon a time … In Hollywood more than what the filmmaker has to offer in the rest of his acclaimed catalog ,

The film is not just an exploration of two main characters like no other in Tarantino's repertoire, but also a statement about violence, an era, movies and Hollywood itself. Let's get started.

What did the stage prepare for?

Once upon a time … In Hollywood, takes place in three different time periods: The first, in which we first meet Rick and Cliff, sets the characters. Rick is a former TV star who has not gone to the movies as planned and is desperately trying to get back on the road. Cliff, who may have killed his wife or not, is a cool stuntman who drives Rick everywhere and always has his back. Where Rick is an uncertain mess, feeling older every day and less represented in the industry, Cliff has an effortless self-confidence everywhere. Sharon Tate, a carefree, kind-hearted, aspiring actress, accompanies her husband, director Roman Polanski (Rick lives next door to the couple and wants to work with Polanski) and the well-known barber Jay Sebring.

The second time Rick and Cliff parted when Rick made a guest appearance on a TV show and Cliff broke his relationship with the stunt coordinator of the show in the past (a brilliant flashback sequence shows Cliff, as he does with a cocky Opponent battles Bruce Lee, played by Mike Moh). While Rick's going through the applications to get his TV part right (in the Lancer [194559009] real-life show), Cliff picks up a hitchhiker called Pussycat, who turns out to be a member of the squatting Manson Family on the Spahn Ranch. When Cliff turned with Rick, he went over to look at it. He feels that something is wrong and flees after some wild events. Meanwhile, Sharon spends the afternoon listening to music and watching a demo of her own new release film The Wrecking Crew starring with Dean Martin . With great joy she absorbs the reaction of the audience to her work.

So what actually happened in the Once upon a time … In Hollywood -end?

  Once upon a time in Hollywood, Tarantino ended. "Title =" Once upon a time in Hollywood, Tarantino ended. "Class =" Lazyimage Lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3 .amazonaws.com/images/ Once upon a time in Hollywood - End 3-1564156014.jpg? crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/> </picture></div>
	<span class= Columbia Pictures [19659014] The final timeframe could be loud: August 8, 1969. In fact, this was the night Manson's crew – Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten – Searching Tate's house and writing them brutally murdered with Sebring and three others and with pig's blood on the walls.

However, the movie's presentation that night is vastly different – Rick and Cliff's involvement appears to have a significant impact Impaired the way things develop. [19659015] After his role as Lancer in the final part of the film, Rick got a number of ways to shoot western films in Italy, where he has the I spent six months marrying an Italian actress named Francesca, and on his return to Hollywood, Cliff and he mutually agreed that she would not collapse can and want to spend a last night together with a lot of alcohol.

As we see her night, she is presented parallel to the night of a very pregnant Tate along with Sebring and two of her other friends drinking in a Mexican restaurant. When both parties return home, there is a sense that Watson and the rest of the Manson crew are inevitably emerging and doing what history knows they did in the end. But that's Tarantino. And as fans of his previous films know, he does not abide by these rules.

When Watson, Atkins, Van Houten and Krenwinkel turn up at Rick and Sharon Tates dead end, we see them in a car with a loud muffler lingering on the road. A very drunk and angry Rick walks out, Margarita blender in hand to chew it. He yells at her to stay away from his private road, and for a moment they are stunned.

At this time, our twist hit: Manson ordered the fours to search and destroy Tate's house, as it used to be the home of Terry Melcher, a music producer who refused to work with him. When Atkins recognized Rick After his canceled Western Bounty Law the group changed its mind and decided that it would be more effective if they murdered this actor, whom they suddenly recognized.

They enter the house, armed with weapons and knives to kill Rick and Cliff, but Cliff – who smoked an acid-dipped cigarette he's bought before – fights them and brutally kills Watson and Van Houten with the help of his dog. Meanwhile, Rick swims back in the pool listening to his radio as an injured Atkins flies through his pool and ends up screaming in his pool. He is frightened and runs back to his house and grabs his flame thrower, which he used to learn as a requisite for a film role, and toasts.

When the movie ends, Jay Sebring asks Rick through the fence what's been happening all over the world. Rick is startled that he – and Sharon – know who he is, go for a drink next door and apparently everything is fine in Hollywood.

What it all means:

With the way Tarantino handled World War II a cinema and burned it – and slave plantations in Django Unchained – a former slave bounty hunter, which broke down a whole plantation – we should have seen the changed end of Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood to come.

But when Tarantino plays with the story again, it's still a shock – from the moment Watson, Atkins and Van Houten enter Rick's house, it seems the story will sooner or later change back to reality , But Tarantino's vengeance fantasies override the rest here, and about half way through the scene we start to realize what's going on. Rick and Cliff are our deputies – they are Tarantino's way of changing reality. Everyone knows what happened; w What interests him is instead what could have happened.

Rick spends all the filming that the industry has left, but it's the fact that he's recognized by these murderous youngsters that things change for the better in the end. When Tarantino presents the idea of ​​being less important with each passing day, the idea that the achievements of the past are not so quickly forgotten is certainly one that is constantly present – and plays a crucial role in the end of the film. When all is said and done, Jay Sebring is the one who recognizes Rick and speaks to him, not the other way around. They knew him the whole time – he was not as forgotten or washed ashore as he had thought.

What about Sharon Tate?

  Once upon a time in Hollywood's end, Marot declares Robbie Sharon Tate

Columbia Pictures

Then there's the Sharon Tate of all. The film ensures that it is almost the human personification of the kindness and innocence of the late 60s. Margot Robbie does not have much dialogue, and maybe some will criticize this decision by Tarantino. But Robbie plays the role so strong that everything she portrays is crystal clear, even when it comes to body language and facial expressions. There is a lot of evil out there – we see it in Watson and the rest of the family. But when we focus on Tate, we see the innocence, the talent, and the pure love for the medium of film that existed.

Tate's legacy was taken over by Manson in many ways. By killing her, this has always been the place where her story ended. Rather than talking about her films with Dean Martin or her marriage to a renowned director, she is forever marked by the cult that cost her her life. Tarantino shows her life here for what it was and what it could have been – someone who not only wants to make friends and strangers happy (she even picks a random hitchhiker, just to be nice), but someone who represents it can be joyous about what film can be, do, and portray on the whole. Just like Sharon, you can stroll into a movie every afternoon, and that can be fun. It is a reality that exists now, existed then and will exist forever – no matter how hard they try, no one can take a murderous cult.

When Tarantino hands Hollywood this love letter, he shows the good, the bad and the ugly. We see how the ups and downs of the film work on Rick, how it affects Cliff, and how it affects Sharon. But we also see how it connects everyone on a deeper core level. Sharon and Rick do not know each other – but in the end they know each other, even though they do not know each other yet. It's not necessarily the traumatic experience Rick has just been through that literally kills an intruder with a flamethrower connecting them – it's the fact that she recognizes him from a canceled TV western. Sharon has no idea which alternative reality Tarantino's Rick / Cliff Chronicle has spared her, but her pure spirit greets him with a hug and invites him for a drink.

And that's exactly what Tarantino wants to do with the entirety of Once upon a time … in Hollywood. We know what really happened that night in August, and anyone who sees the movie too – that's why the end is so strong. We hear "Charles Manson" and even see him on the screen for 10 seconds. But we know what's coming. At least we think.

That's why Tarantino's Revenge Fantasy works so damn good here; It is the end that we really can not see, though this director has repeatedly shown us that he is ready to go beyond reality to tell the story he wants to tell.

And just this time, this story had a happy ending for a night in Hollywood.

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