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On International Women's Day, men talk about women who inspire them

Is there an inspirational woman you want to honor for International Women's Day? Send your message to jordyn.taylor@hearst.com.

Happy International Women's Day! For more than a hundred years, women's success has been celebrated on 8 March and gender equality has been promoted.

To honor International Women's Day 2019, we have asked men to tell Men's Health of the most inspiring women in their lives.

That's what they had to say.

By Todd MacPherson:

"The most inspiring women I know are my wife and two daughters, you are brave, caring, and an infinite source of inspiration for me."

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Todd's Family.

Todd MacPherson

By Wes Horbatuck:

" My sister is my constant inspiration. She is strong, patient and loving. She played professional basketball, runs marathons, is a teacher and is by far the best dessert baker I know. I strive to be as amazing as my younger sister.

  Wes Horbatuck and his sister

Wes and his sister.

Wes Horbatuck

By Sean Mannion:

"My inspiring wife is my mother, Marion. My mother moved to the United States 42 years ago shortly before my birth. My parents had a nice house and their whole family in Ireland, but they wanted a better future. They packed up, taking my sister to New York. My mother did not know anyone here. She left a house 19459003: Did you take the right step? I was born shortly afterwards and immediately had complications. My parents should get a priest and they baptized me. My mother never blinked. I was a sick child she took care of and grew up in a (beautiful adult) adult.

"Fast forward 43 years later: My dad's been diagnosed with Parkinson's, tearing his body, my parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary last year, Mom did not leave his side, took him to meetings, emergency visits, and rehabilitation facilities. I've never complained, a rock to lean on, she did all this, and she never had a driver's license – Bus, Train, Uber or my sister and I. She went where my dad needed her. She brought my dad home for the last time in May, made the man comfortable and made sure he had his dignity, she was AMAZING, she never asked why, and she did all this without a family, from her side in the States of eight and not having her here has never lost me, she has looked after her family and is … and will always be … my inspiration, my dad is my best friend, my mother is mine heroine 19659018] "Must only be shared. If anything, I think I'll read it tonight. She'll probably tell me to drop it. "

  sean mannion

Sean Mannion and his mother

Sean Mannion

By Luis Lopez:

By Jared Cox:

" I think there is no stronger power than that Willpower of a mother to attend [for] and protect her children. I have seen my mother facing a divorce and a bankruptcy without climbing. She was even the leader of a complaint. As LEADER of the household, she knew she could not show any weakness or signs of concern. From the outside, it proved to be impenetrable. She taught the characters leadership, strength and stamina to her three guys. It was only later that I realized what she had done with what she had received, and I still got to the bottom of it, that she did it. Question, my mother is the strongest woman I know, and she will forever be an idol to whom I look up. Thank you for asking the question and getting me back to how awesome my mother is.

By Chris Daigle:

By Jake Piel:

"My incredibly strong sister. She had many health problems that would have & # 39; to prevent them from pursuing their love of dance. Instead, she became a successful competitive dancer and was called to a nursing career to help those who went through their actions. Was told that she can never carry a child. Struggling to get pregnant, several miscarriages and finally a pretty baby gave birth a few weeks ago. She has experienced more than I can imagine and never gave up hope and faith.

By Joe Guggia:

By CJ Johnson:

"The most inspiring woman in my life is my five-year-old daughter. I grow up in a time when the world is changing fast. As a biracial sweet little lady she was a great inspiration for growth and development as a man.

  CJ Johnson and Daughter [19659008CJandhisDaughterFionaRogue

CJ Johnson

By Jared Love:

"I have two women in my life who inspire me, and one would not have happened without the other. My mother worked as a Child Life Specialist for the heart transplant unit at the local hospital here in Birmingham, Alabama, she did everything in her power to make sure the children and their families had as normal a hospital stay as possible, giving them toys and games and the family members went shopping to get haircuts and make-ups. Most of our toys would end up in the hospital for the kids at home. She is the most selfless person I've met. She raised my brother, my sister and me without the help of our father. I am now the father of two children and can not imagine doing it alone. It just makes me realize what kind of woman she was and is. Each time I meet someone who knows my mother, they spend the next 10 minutes telling me how wonderful she is and how she has influenced her life.

"At any rate, my wife Jeanne Anne had a heart transplant at the age of 13, and my mother was there to help her and her family at this terrible time, fast forward 15 years later and somehow we were introduced, four years later we were married and now have two children we adopted at birth (because of her heart transplant, it would be too risky for Jeanne Anne to go through pregnancy.] She is now an amazing mother and is not bitter and makes an on fantastic job of raising our kids, putting them second and everyone else first, I could not ask for a better teammate and partner in life, I was fortunate enough to have two great women in my life. "

By Enrique Ramirez:

By Donald Fox:

"On November 14, 2014, my daughter Amaya became diagnosed with type 1 diabetes She was 6 years old and was in a coma for three days due to the diagnosis [the]. Since then she has become almost 100% independent of her illness and her body! Amaya has a tubeless insulin pump and carries a continuous glucose monitor.

"Amaya is responsible for calculating your carbohydrate intake and entering into her pump every time she eats when she's 10 years old! (Much less sweets and sugary treats, as most children and adults indulge regularly. She has the most amazing attitude to her lifelong illness, she aspires to become a doctor or nurse who specializes in pediatric endocrinology (diabetes) .Amaya inspires me and her fellow human beings simply by being ! … She is compassionate, strong, and unyielding in her quest to not allow her illness to lead her own lifestyle.

"I also want to include her older sister Elizabeth, who is 13! She is the best team player Amaya has in her daily fight! Elizabeth is strong for Amaya, if Amaya does not want to be! She puts her wishes and needs in slow motion for her sister because of their bond and their sisterly love for each other! "

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Donald Fox and his daughters Amaya and Elizabeth.

Donald Fox

By Tom Clement:

"I would nominate my wife Beth Clement, a judge at the Michigan Supreme Court, to win her re-election campaign after she got up when she was forced under certain circumstances She has lots of courage and believes she is doing the right thing, regardless of any possible consequences. "

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