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On China's Qiao Qiao Dating App, you can not see your matches

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Bronek Kaminski Getty Images [19659004] Momo, owner of "Chinese Tinder", launchi ng new dating app called Qiao Qiao.

  • Qiao Qiao hopes to focus on the disproportionate focus of dating apps.
  • Qiao Qiao users need to talk before they see another user's picture important to couples, but it's not the alpha and omega for a successful, long-term relationship. Even so, Tinder's average user spends about two seconds with a profile before wiping, which means that every Tinder user is either a speed reader or focuses primarily on one thing and one thing alone: ​​the picture ,

    Momo, the Chinese company owned by Tantan (also known as "China's Tinder"), has just announced that it launches a new app called Qiao Qiao, which requires users to get to know the person behind the phone before they leave Can see pictures. Radien reports.

    Qiāoqiāo, which roughly means "quiet", begins the matches with a blurred profile picture. The image becomes blurred the more two users talk to each other. To begin reconciliation at all, a user must complete at least 60% of their profile, which raises a range of interest and personality questions.

    In addition, only five potential matches per day are suggested. The Discovery page allows users to initiate another 10 conversations a day with other users.

    While Qiao Qiao seems to be addressing the omnipresent problem of superficiality in online dating culture, one has to wonder if this app is attracting users – and how do I say that as well as possible – because of their looks had no luck with other apps.

    But maybe it's time to finally follow the advice your mom gave you years ago: focus on what's inside and not outside.

    Like Tantan, Qiao Qiao will likely be available in the App Store in the United States.

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