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NordicTrack treadmill deal of the day

Summer is drawing to a close, but September can still bring some muggy days. If you prefer not to brave the weather or sweat it out in a questionably crowded gym, you can get your daily mileage in the quiet of your home. While this is definitely an investment, this may be the best time to get a home gym prep as winter is only a few months away and there is no telling if there will be another stalemate in the future. However, this deal of the day will save you more than $ 1,000 on a top of the line treadmill!

NordicTrack Commercial Series 10


$ 2,878.40

$ 1,834.91 (36% off)

We recommended many NordicTrack models from our reviews of the best treadmills this year, especially because of their variety of exercise controls and iFit programming – and the Commercial 1750 was one of them. Testers loved the ability to run virtual runs – although they said the screen was a bit small. The belt is wide and comfortable and stable enough for quick training and the FlexSelect cushioning that gives it a bounce and is gentle on the shin. This profile also comes with a free one-year iFit membership. This gives you access to a huge library of coach-led workouts that virtually transport you to locations around the world via the built-in screen.

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