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Noon Workout: 6 Tips to Fit a

  PeerFit Lunch Workout <! – This article was created in collaboration with Peerfit.

When it comes to squeezing during training, early risers and night owls have it easy. But what about those of us who feel most agitated in the middle of the day? Are we damned to go to stronger muscles? To monotonously count our steps in the office, hoping to reach 10,000, we will be able to achieve our fitness goals.

If you work up a sweat in the middle of the day, is that what works best for you? Studies even show that exercise can increase energy, creativity and productivity – just what you need to do the rest of your nine-to-five time.

We teamed up with our friends from Peerfit to find the best ways to have a midday gymnastics sesh. The fitness platform works with companies and insurance carriers to make training easier for employees (and to make it cheaper). As long as you do your job, it may be easier than you think to sneak into a fitness class at noon. Here are our six most important tips for stripping.

. 1 Keep extra workout clothes on your desk.

Not only if you sit in sweaty clothes after training, this is a bad look for the office, but it's also not good for your skin. Because sweat is wet and warm, it promotes the growth of bacteria and yeasts on your clothing and body, often resulting in less than ideal skin conditions such as fungal infections or folliculitis. Keeping an extra set of exercise equipment (even down to your skivvies) on your desk will ensure you stay fresh during and after your workout.

. 2 Choose your workouts wisely.

There are two key factors in choosing a workout during the work day: First, take more time for a workout that you actually enjoy . Second, if you want to search somewhere near the office, the transition from the studio to the conference room is a breeze.

But how do you find these coveted places? Sign up for Peerfit, a training treasure map that gives you access to a long list of gyms and gyms in 48 states. Peerfit has a diverse list of class types – Boxes, Barre, CrossFit, whatever you call it – and there are no blackout periods or price hikes during busy hours. WFH and would rather not leave the house? Use Peerfit to stream workouts on your computer or TV.

Even better: you can get your work to pay the bill. Peerfit works with employers and insurance companies to pay for the time at the gym. Pretty cute, right?

. 3 Request an accountabilibuddy at work.

Lunchtime training is the best time for excuses – to-do lists are piling up, reviews seem magical on your calendar, Susan from Accounting has just got a puppy and wants to show you 500 pics. Therefore, it is a great help to have a colleague who is as dedicated to training as you are.

We recommend planning in advance and blocking the time on the other calendars so there is no danger that you stop. It will feel like a meeting (who does not say that?), And physical cancellation of an event will be much more difficult than just saying, "Uh, let's skip that."

. 4 Fake a shower.

A blowout is not an option if you need to return to a meeting. And when you go in with a soaked hair, it's a surefire way to feel self-conscious (and probably cold). A quick shot with a hair dryer and a generous dose of gym hair or dry shampoo in the roots will almost always do the trick. But of course, not all scalps are the same, so take a look at this list of suggestions for managing sweaty locks of all kinds.

. 5 Remove your red face.

Sure, you can change your clothes and dry your hair. But a great indication that your doctor's appointment was really a trip to the gym? Your face.

Oxygenated blood levels during aerobic exercise (we look at you, cardio junkies) can lead to a red, blotchy complexion. For some people the redness goes away pretty fast, but for others (hello, us) it takes their sweet time.

If you are a mid-runner or spinner, try products that help to reduce redness and remain irritated. sweaty skin. Look for ingredients such as aloe vera and tea tree oil, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and save the redness for the next time you need to present to your CEO.

. 6 Plan your lunch in advance.

If you work out during your lunch break, you should never replace lunch . Preparing meals makes refueling after a workout child's play – not to mention saving you time and money. Spend 15 to 20 minutes at night to pack a lunch that gives you the nutrients you need to recover from your workout and make it through the dreaded afternoon sack. Bonus points when there is no more sad lunch at the desk.

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