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Nike Pegasus Trail 2 trail running shoe review

When I first put the shoe on, I didn’t have much room at the top – my toes were pretty close to the end of the shoe – and I felt a slight constriction towards the sides above. The back of the shoe held securely and my heel stayed in place as I walked and ran.

Shape of the shoe

As I mentioned earlier, Nikes tend to run tight, especially on top, and my foot … well, my foot doesn’t. I’m more comfortable with shoes that are wider in the toe box, so I was concerned about getting these working for the first time.

However, after my first run, I didn’t notice the pinching of the top sides. It seemed to fit a lot smoother after first wearing it.

Feeling of the shoe

The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 blew my mind here. When I tested this for the first time, I ran for the second time that day and my legs were shot. I was expecting to do this on a light (okay, maybe a jogging) jog, but the responsiveness of the shoe really surprised me.

Thanks to the Nike React foam cushioning, I felt a literal jump with every step, and sales just felt smooth and easy. I had planned to only take the shoes for a short 20 minute run, but ended up walking for another 1

5 minutes.

Another advantage? The mesh throughout the upper helped increase airflow, which prevented my feet from turning into a swamp during the hot and humid August run.


The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 ran just as well on the roads as it did on the trail. It kept my ankles stable as I crossed the chewed path – lots of uneven terrain thanks to the storm – and protected my feet from the rocks and roots below. I also noticed the springy cushioning benefit when I was out and about – something I don’t normally expect from trail shoes.

Sometimes when I’m wearing trail shoes on the sidewalk, the feeling of the cleats distracts me.[[[[Publisher’s Note: Lugs are the studs on the outsole of trail shoes. In general, the wider and bigger the cleats, the more traction they offer on trails, but the more uncomfortable it is to run on asphalt.]But all I noticed was smooth turnover, even on the roads.

How my body felt during and after the activity

Since I initially felt tense in the toe box, I feared that I would deal with numb toe or blisters afterwards. When I got home after that first day, my toes did I feel like I’m in shoes that are a little too tight, but actually I haven’t had any lasting effects. And after my second run I didn’t notice the tightness either. (However, if I plan to use these for longer runs – an hour or more – I might be tempted to increase half a size.)

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