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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoe review

One of the reasons the Pegasus has been such a popular running shoe for so long – we're now over half of the fourth decade of annual updates to the line – is that Nike does not tend to do much with anything bad every new version. So why overtake a shoe that has proved so popular?

At the 36th edition of the Pegasus, evolution is the order of the day, not revolution. The only changes to the shoe are upper and tongue. These are good changes – the too long and padded tongue of the 35 was not comfortable, so the smaller tongue is welcome here – but it's still minor changes.

The Pegasus 36 has the same Zoom Air cushioning underfoot as its predecessor, and the ride is solid, but still fairly padded, right in the Goldilocks zone for a running shoe. The Pegasus 36 is suitable for a variety of training and racing missions. If you are new to running and have no idea what you like about a shoe, it is a solid choice that will probably not disappoint.

The Pegasus was for a long time more than that – he was the best all-rounder ever. This is no longer the case, in part due to Nike's conservative approach to updating the shoe.

There are now lighter, faster and more comfortable all-round running shoes, and the best of them are made by Nike itself. The Pegasus Turbo uses a blend of Nike React and ZoomX foams in the midsole for a softer, more forgiving feel than the standard Pegasus. Besides, he is much lighter. Nike also releases a second edition of the Turbo on July 11th.

The Pegasus Turbo is £ 159.95 more expensive than the Pegasus, compared to £ 104.95, but other brands offer all-round running shoes, which I estimate higher than the 36 closer to the 100-pound mark. The Saucony Ride ISO 2 costs £ 120 and is livelier than the 36, and the Brooks Launch 6 is lighter, faster and £ 95.

Like the 35, I found that the Pegasus 36 had to fight faster. The boot was a bit awkward when it came to tempo runs and when walking and did not have the responsiveness of the Pegasus Turbo or Ride ISO 2. Probably I was spoiled by the Pegasus Turbo, which is also softer for light runs and more fun. [19659002] All the positive features of a Pegasus shoe are included in the 36. It is relatively cheap, suitable for all types of races, looks good and seems to be as durable as its predecessors. However, it is not as fun or fast as with other all-around shoes that use more responsive midsoles. It will probably remain as popular as ever, in part because it has not really changed from its predecessor, but given the innovation that is taking place elsewhere in running shoes, much of which is headed by Nike, the Pegasus is only a little , well, boring.

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