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New Year's resolutions that you can keep

Ah, the New Year's resolution – for some, the idea of ​​setting a year-long goal is invigorating and motivating. For the rest of us, we are happy to make it into the first week of February. Failed resolutions can occur for a number of reasons: Perhaps you were ambitious with your commitment (not that you can do anything that you think superstar!). Or maybe you feel your resolutions were more of a punishment, especially if they are restrictive and focus on things you should not big time for some new habits, traditional New Year's resolutions can be a disappointing recipe his. "Focus on nourishing your body instead of restricting it," says health coach Ashley Pratt. Restarting is the perfect opportunity to bring your mindset into a more positive and stronger perspective that can ultimately lead you to actually achieving some of your health and fitness goals.

. 1
Showing Daily Gratitude

We all had those hard years when it seemed like nothing had gone right. Try to write a Gratitude Journal for the New Year, in which you write down some things for which you are grateful on a daily basis. It does not have to be complicated, just a few points of good in your life. "This will help keep things in perspective and remind you of what's really important to you," says Pratt.

To take up this idea, take a look in the mirror and say something good about yourself before you go to the door. "Learning this habit will help make the daily inner dialogue more positive and supportive," she adds.

. 2 Go Outside

You have probably heard of the psychological benefits of staying in nature. So why is it so difficult to actually get outside ? There are countless ways you can integrate outdoor time into your everyday life. You just have to find a way that works for you. Maybe that means walking once a week or sharing the gym with a local playground. You can stroll through your local park every weekend, take part in outdoor sports for a bit of exercise, or sweat with your four-legged buddy. Whatever it is, we guarantee that you will spend more time outdoors to raise your spirits and give you much needed Vitamin D.

. 3 Break More

Ferris Bueller said it best: "Life is pretty fast, if you do not stop and look around, you might miss it." If you take a few short breaks throughout the day, family and wedding therapist Emily Cosgrove feels more centered and clearer. During this few minutes of downtime, drink a glass of water, concentrate on breathing, or step outside. Whatever you do, leave the phone and leave the computer again.

"The intent of the time in solitude is to be present," she says. "Connect with yourself and notice what's in and around you, meditation can not only help, it also reduces stress and anxiety." So whether you use meditation regularly or just lock yourself up for a few minutes each day, take time to look after # 1 – you -.

. 4 Listen to Your Belly

Our New Year resolutions often tell us what to do and what not to do. Run more, eat less, spend no money on happy hours … wow, this year sounds so hard. If you find you are following the same restrictive dietary guidelines that you made last year, try passing the microphone to your body. Consider adding more nutritious food to your diet or trying the intuitive food that is not about counting calories or banning foods, but asking you to listen to your body what it does and what it does not need to do to put pressure on but your body asks you for a rest day. Do not be ashamed of hearing – recovery is a big part of any fitness or weight loss goal. 19659003] 5. Move Your Own Way

"If you hate running, why is your New Year's resolution to train a marathon?" says personal trainer Tara Laferrara. "If you do not find the movement you like, never stay in it, do dance parties in your kitchen, play outside with your nieces and nephews, and have lunch with your colleagues."

If you & # 39; If you are not sure what kind of exercise you want to enjoy, devote the first few months of the year to trying out new workouts. It does not have to be what's trendy or what you think it should be, it just has to be what you enjoy. When you find it, you'll probably be surprised how often you want to "train".



6. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The start of a New Year is a chance to try new things and create new memories, but it is also important to remember that real change happens when we challenge ourselves to feel uncomfortable. "It does not have to be a big leap : If you have not trained for six months, do not force yourself to spin six days a week." When you're scared You do not have to go skydiving at high altitude, "says Laferrara ,

But if you have to move yourself and think about how you do not necessarily feel comfortable, that can go a long way. Whether you are finally starting the French course you graduated from, or coming to your first yoga class, you will be surprised at what you can find out about yourself and where you can lead your new habits is based in Honolulu Writer. If she does not write, you can find her on the beach.

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