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New Year's resolutions that will actually make a difference

Considering the New Year's resolutions, which are the basis for a better lifestyle that will last for the rest of your life, it is a shame that by far the most common trio is simply fitter become healthier or lose weight. Of course these are all admirable intentions, but considering how vague and largely uninspiring they are, it is not surprising that most people do not follow them.

These intentions are flawed from the beginning – you need a fixed goal. something that is achievable, and above all you have to pick something that you want to enjoy .

A good way to find out if you have found a good solution is to consider whether you want to discuss whether you have completed the completion of your New Year's Eve party in 201

9. If your weight dropped from 90 kg to 87 kg, this is solid work, but you probably will not bother about it. If you've lost those three kilos because you've completed your first marathon, climbed Kilimanjaro, learned kitesurfing, or became an excellent cook, people will want to know about it.

. 1 Commitment to an Adventure

This can work as a crisp combination of something new, signing up for an event and booking an active vacation. If you feel cold after a traditional move, you can do kite surfing in 2019, climb Kilimanjaro or hike through a South American rainforest. The latter will really help you to increase your fitness kick, because you want to be sure that you can overtake a Jaguar. Or to be more specific, you can do it with who you are traveling with, in case a Jaguar suddenly appears. Remember to start your fitness tracker before you leave because a new one-mile PB will definitely be on the plan.

. 2 Sign Up for an Event

Whether it's a marathon, a 100-mile cycle, or a 10-km series, events are an excellent way to reach your fitness goals in a fun way.

As you prepare for the event, you naturally become fitter and the day itself becomes a great opportunity that will only encourage you to do more.

Signing up for an event later in the year will ensure that you do not miss out on everything in January and burn out your enthusiasm. You can slowly work towards a fixed date – a date you can not ignore, like a gym membership.

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3. Attend a cooking class

If you learn how to cook food from the ground up, you are on the fast track for a healthy diet, as it is easier to avoid and develop an understanding of hidden fats and sugars. which is good for you.

You can do this through online courses, healthy eating apps, books, or, if you're really hopeless in the kitchen, a full cooking class, with the added benefit of socializing.

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4. Try a Monthlong Challenge

If you think that your best bet for an active year is the punch, as long as the iron is hot and everything runs out in January, then a 30-day challenge could be just the thing his.

Whether it's squats, burpees, pushups, floorboards, or abdominal training, Coach has guides to challenges that not only give you something to brag about, but also put you in a good position Keeping fit The regime is a little less extreme in February.

. 5 Going for a New PB

If you're already quite active, or at least in your past, you probably have a personal best that you're proud of. Be it a 5km long, maximum deadlift or golf score over 18 holes.

Target this target, spend 2019 breaking it, and of course you'll be in better shape.

. 6 Try Three New Activities

You've tried many times in the past to get a fitness kick. If so, it makes little sense to go the same way again and make the same exercise plan. Expand your horizons and try at least three new things. Finally, discover an activity that you love, and then the weight will decrease.

. 7 Eating Five-a-Day

This is not as difficult as it can make people seem, and it borders on the incredible, how good it is for you, lowers the risk of all sorts of health issues and helps to set sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need for your diet.

The key is to add some kind of fruit and / or vegetables to every meal, and ideally to add a healthy snack (think of sweet, juicy fruits instead of mild celery sticks) for your daily routine too. To make sure you stick to it, use a kind of tracker like the Streaks app (or pen and paper, for sure) and tag every day you reach your destination. Many of us change their diet in a new year, and it is much healthier to stay five days a day than to go on an unsustainable diet that makes you unhappy. To reach maximum points, mix the colors of the fruits and vegetables daily to get different vitamins and minerals.

. 8 Track Your Alcohol Use for One Month

If you think you are drinking too much alcohol, you can sign up for the Dry January and start a completely sober month in 2019. However, many of us will skip this exercise and then drink as much as before. A better option would be to continue as you are, but keep track of your alcohol intake for a month to get a clear picture of how much alcohol you drink.

It's very easy to forget how much you actually drink – whether that's the case It's harder to keep track of the end of a big night, or you can not add up the units of "just" a couple at home each Night – so that you have the full number of units at the end in front of you The month gives you the information you need to decide if a change is required. The Drinkaware app is an easy way to keep track of your drinking.

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