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New Balance FuelCell Prism v1 women’s running shoe review

And despite their good fit, after I had laced myself up, I found it a little difficult to put them on, also because of the stiff upper material on the shoe. The opening is a bit smaller than other shoes I’ve tried so I really had to pull this on. The best part is that once I’ve got my feet pinched, the shoes fit securely and keep my feet in place thanks to the lace-up style. I found the shoe to be less foot-shaped than others I’ve tested, but the overall feel didn’t bother me. (Bodycon dress for your feet, it’s not that.) One notable thing was a decent amount of flexibility in the toe of these shoes – another factor that added to my feeling that I was running (and able to kick off my toes) very quickly )).

Shape of the shoe

These shoes look aerodynamic to me. They have a slightly narrow shape and a smooth appearance from toe to heel. Also noteworthy is the lack of a “waist” in these shoes. While some sneakers dip noticeably around the midsole of the foot, these actually stay quite wide, which in my opinion has helped provide additional support.

Seen from below, the shoe also has an almost blunt toe edge. Not being an expert on shoe mechanics, I can̵

7;t say why New Balance made this decision, but I felt that it helped the shoe fit tighter overall and leave less slack in the toe box. I still had half an inch to move my toes up – that’s the space our experts recommended for a good fit – but the width of the shoe fit my feet pretty perfectly. The length was okay, but I think if you were going to wear them with thicker socks (or if your feet are prone to swelling over longer stretches) you might want to consider going up a half size so you have more width for the Work.

Feeling of the shoe

In a word: easy. These shoes have high energy return – which means they really feel like they’re pushing me forward every time my foot hits the sidewalk. I also had the feeling that I could “feel” the ground through these shoes, ie with every step there was a firmer, less cushioned reaction.

In essence, I found that New Balance really found the perfect balance between stability and neutrality with this shoe. Stability shoes usually provide more cushioned support and try to prevent a runner from supinating (hitting the outside edge of the foot on the floor first) or pronating (hitting the floor on the inside of your foot first). As a result, many stability shoes get a bad rap for being heavy, bulky, or overly chunky. On the other hand, they can be very comfortable and provide plenty of cushion for those long distance runs. Neutral shoes tend to be lighter, but for many runners they lack support.

But these shoes? They are like the goldilocks of sneakers – not too few pillows, not too much weight, just the right amount of speed and agility.

How my body felt during and after the activity

The lack of pillows in these shoes means I was able to really accelerate the pace – this made me feel airy and fast while running. Whenever I find a good cadence (and these shoes certainly helped), everything fits together and my body chugs in perfect harmony with – shoulders back, chest up, light hinge forward on the hips, knees up with every step.

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