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Never too late to start training: Get fit at any age according to the study

  Never start training too late: Get fit at any age according to the study.

It is a complete myth when people believe that fitness can only be achieved at a certain age. You could get fit at any age, even if fitness at a young age was not part of your routine.

There is a misconception that you should work out or sweat in the gym. you have to be young and energetic. However, one study found that those who have never exercised have the same energy and strength to build muscle mass as any other well-trained athlete of the same age. The study was conducted at the University of Birmingham by senior researcher Leigh Breen. The study emphasized the fact that people with little or no physical activity can build muscle and muscle mass in the same way as athletes of their age.

The lead researcher added, "That's not true. It does not matter if you've ever trained in your life. The majority of the aging population can benefit from regular training and training.

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Whole Body Health

The main goal in promoting the habit of training and exercising, even in old age, is all about a long-term commitment to a good one Health. In addition, sport is the best way to get fit, even if you are in an age group. Exercising also helps to delay several age-related health problems, prolonging the life expectancy of an individual.

Prognosis of the study

The study was published in Frontiers in Physiology, in which the ability to build muscle in two cases was identified groups of older men. The first group of men were seven-person athletes in their 70s and 80s who have been through continuous training and are still involved in sports. However, the other group had eight healthy non-exercise sessions of the same age, which had not been overly strenuous in the past.

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Each participant had an isotope tracer in the form of a "heavy" water drink. Thereafter, the participants did each individual training session that included strength training on the exercise equipment. At the same time, the researchers performed muscle biopsies of the participants. This was done before and after the training session to examine how the muscles responded to the load.

At the conclusion of the study, the isotope tracer noted how they developed in the muscles. It was expected that the championship athletes could build more muscle. However, the result was the same in both exercises, and non-exercise showed the same ability to build muscle mass at any age.

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