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"Never Have I Ever" Darren Barnet doesn't mind being a thirst trap

Darren Barnet and I discuss Zoom lunch options when he says he craves a burger, fries, and a vanilla milkshake. He's been quarantining himself since the start of the corona virus lockout and is just looking for some comfort food, which is surprising given his obvious dedication to shirtless Instagram posts.

Barnet is currently playing in Mindy Kaling's comedy Never Have I Ever and is probably best known for his washboard abdominal muscles. Since the show went live on Netflix, fans have fainted over Barnet's portrayal of Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the resident jock and object of affection for protagonist Devi. And it's no wonder that after five minutes, Barnet is dripping wet and abs visible from the pool and Robyns Dancing On My Own is playing in the background.

"I think [the producers] was afraid that I was too muscular," he says with a laugh when I ask him about his audition. "I remember they said," His weapons are a bit much. "

Staying in shape is a matter of course for Barnet. He has been doing sports since childhood. And between years of lacrosse, basketball, boxing and martial arts, he tried to follow his dreams of becoming an actor Hit shows like This Is Us and Criminal Minds the actor was determined to get in shape for his first regular series role.

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Kay Kasem [19659007] When Barnet realized how much – or rather, little – clothes he would wear in scenes, he began training with Hugh Jackman two hours a day and Chris Evans at the gym five times a week as his fitness idols Unlike other celebrities who used coaches to prepare themselves for roles, Barnet decided to become self-employed and develop a routine that included various calisthenics exercises, boxing and g Weighted rounds of pushups, pull-ups and dips combined to failure.

In a typical case week, Barnet broke up his training by muscle groups: on Mondays he worked for triceps and abdominal muscles, on Wednesdays he trained biceps, back and abdominal muscles, on Thursdays he focused on shoulders and on Fridays he only spent on boxing exercises. Barnet also took the time to adjust his diet throughout the process and eat the right proteins and vegetables (along with a homemade wellness tea ) to build and maintain muscles with which he admittedly struggling.

"I am lucky to have good genetics," he says. "Obviously I'm very lean, but building muscle and moving on is very difficult for me. But the transformation itself was pretty quick, especially since I hadn't worked so hard in so many years. My main goal was to achieve greatness, at the same time keeping the tone and eating healthy proteins to keep the weight off. "

It wasn't just the gym where Barnet's intense fitness routine took place. On the set, he worked out regularly between shots." Someone turned the corner and said: "Here he goes again! He does pushups!", he says. "They all made fun of me and I said, 'Just wait! All of this will be rewarded! "

Now it seems that he is reaping at least some of these benefits on social media in the form of attention, although this is not always desirable. "People get really shameless in the DMs," he says with a laugh. "I try my best to answer and be there for those who are looking for advice on acting, but then there are those who say, 'Take off your clothes! & # 39; And I say 'No & # 39 ;. "

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And although Barnet doesn't mind being considered a thirst trap, he prefers you to look past the vanity and notice the nuances of his character. "When you read Paxton for the first time, you think he's the stupid Scot with abs and a pretty face," says Barnet. "But he is more than that. He has a heart of gold. He is a book that is judged by its cover. Paxton has followed this development consistently, where you can see that he has a lot more underneath and that he has layers."

Indeed, he does when fans learn that Paxton is very protective of his sister with Down syndrome, and later apologizes to Devi for believing that she would bully a member of his family – it's a tender moment between two classmates, in which one notices that a very sensitive soul is hidden under the abdominal muscles.

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In the middle of the quarantine, Barnet admits that he has exercised less ("I have A really bad knot in my back and I take it easy not to do any harm ”), but I keep some variations of the routine he developed for the show, and during his downtime he focuses on his creativity ve page, paints, writes scripts and composes music. He also meditates on his roof.

"I spend at least twenty minutes in the morning waking up and thanking my eyes, ears, nose, fingers, toes and the fact that I can walk and breathe," he says. "By starting my day with something very small and realizing that not everyone has it, the rest of the day is easier to manage."

As for what will happen after the lockout, Barnet has a full disk. Fans will have a chance to see him later in this year in American Pie Presents: Girls & # 39; Rules and he's still waiting to hear if Never Have I Ever Netflix is ​​picking up for a different season.

At the moment, however, Barnet is working on improving itself and finding trust offline. He says he wants to inspire the fans of the show to do the same. "I wrote it in my Instagram biography and it's a line from the show:" I don't care what others think. You do, "he says." We live in a time when you're being pulled in all directions and are constantly faced with this unrealistic expectation of who you need to be – right? "

" Never Have I Ever "is now streamed on Netflix.

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