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Netflix & # 39; Bird Box & # 39; Ending – The Wild & # 39; Bird Box & # 39; Ending, explains

Bird Box has effectively taken over the current conversations of popular culture. In a rare move, Netflix released streaming data indicating that Sandra Bullock's new survivor thriller / horror movie is indeed a big hit (though those numbers from the infectiously guarded company should be greeted with healthy skepticism). And Twitter reports that Bird Box has been tweeted more than 8 million times in the last 30 days.

If you're one of the many people who happened to see Bird Box ] or if horror movies are not your thing, but you're curious about the post-apocalyptic thriller, ask, of course, what's up with that end Come on? Bird Box uses some rather intense twists, starting with a daunting premise in which entities that have overtaken the Earth cause humans to kill themselves when they see the creatures. We helped you by ending the (unexpected) (1

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have broken.

We know early on from Bird Box time-lapse story that Sandra Bullock's Malorie takes charge of two children, who are simply referred to as "boy and girl" in a rowboat along a river to one supposedly secure fellowship in the midst of the dangers of the entities. They all travel blindfolded, and Malorie teaches the children how to do without sight (one of them is their child, the other is the child of Olympia, a survivor who dies).

The crew is fighting hard on their way. Dealing with an infected man who is trying to kill her and capsized. In a forest, Entities try to deceive each of them by imitating the voices of loved ones.

But after all, it's a Hollywood production, and killing two kids is something you rarely see a movie (and if Malorie did not rescue them, it would undoubtedly happen). Malorie and the children reach the community and find that it is indeed a peaceful oasis and former school for the blind, populated mainly by the blind.

This makes sense, and if you've been thinking about Bird in the first 10 minutes, "What about blind people?" Congratulations. The end (which is darker in the book on which the film is based) still leaves a few questions, such as the church, which is able to turn plants into a tree roof that lets in a lot of light and yet everyone – even with eyesight – somehow shielded from the entities that seem to be everywhere? And why is everyone in an interior (or adjoining room) protected from them when he is traveling so well? Can the inhabitants of this oasis live on the supplies from their relatively small garden? And can we really accept that Malorie happens to meet the doctor who helped her in this community through her pregnancy?

It is best not to engage with these questions because Bird Box does not have satisfactory answers. In the end, it gets a bit hackneyed and the visual effects get dramatically worse (so it's probably best that the filmmakers erase footage of the entities we never see), especially when leaves are flying around. But the movie delivers solid hits, and you can at least sleep soundly when you know that Boy and Girl and Sandra Bullock have escaped death. Well, at least until the inevitable sequel comes out.

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