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Muscular Definition – What is torn, cut, swollen and jacked up?

Imagine being in the gym as the biggest, strongest guy you've ever seen, working on your squat rack and asking you to work in it. What word do you use to them to say how tall he was?

Swole? Bound up cut?

As a fitness editor, I'm talking about how fit guys look … a lot. And I ask myself that question … very often. For example, if the latest superhero movie trailer finally falls and turns out to be one of the Hollywood Chrises taking its already supernatural body to the next level, how do I describe its successes in a hype post about social media footage? All fit guys ̵

1; at the gym or on-screen – range from cut, tear, arch, or swelling.

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Of course, there are other descriptors that do the work. In essence, however, these are variations of these four categories.

The question is, how can I decide which type best suits every body type? What makes a guy cut? No, maybe he is better described as torn … or is he jacked up? Sometimes he sweats, sure, no question. Each word has a double meaning – a clue that gives you an insight into the look and shape of the body in question.

I will describe exactly why I choose every word. The terms are listed in ascending order from smallest to largest scale. Any expression lower on the scale can be used to refer to a person in a higher category, but not vice versa.

He looks like this: Brad Pitt in Fight Club Christian Bale in American Psycho, David Beckham in his best . Want more examples? Take a look at our complete list of cut boys.

Here we see lean muscles. The main focus is on the definition of abdominal muscles and musculature for purely functional or aesthetic reasons. He is not bulky and looks likely to be relatively normal in street clothes. When fighters lose weight and become extremely slim, they are likely to tend to this category. You could also use the word "shredded" to describe the same body, if that's your business.

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  1. Brust / Pecs – Not much size, but good definition. Definitely not flabby.
  2. Abs – These are the Moneymakers. He'll always find a reason to lose his shirt just to flaunt his midsection as he seems to have more muscle than you can count.
  3. Arms – Not small, but not the main focus point here. The bicep does not bulge as much as the arch, and a normal T-shirt still fits without problems.
  4. Lower Body – What is a squat position? There may be a definition of all the fat burning workouts he does, but there is no size.

    1. Why the word "cut": Its central part looks like it was carved out of marble.

      Favorite day at the gym: HIIT training, from Circuits

      Diet: Low carb

      It looks like this: Kevin Hart, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Reynolds. Do you want more examples? See exactly who tore us on our list.

      He is still mostly lean (19459010), but we see some mass, especially in the arms and shoulders. Here comes the biceps in the foreground, which dominates the abdominal muscles as the main focus of his body. This is probably the most common body type for men with extra fit, as the weapons and the six-pack, these bastions of conventional male attractiveness, are the focus. Many skill-oriented professional athletes are likely to be split.

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      1. Brust / Pecs – There is more than just muscle definition. He's not out of a T-shirt yet, but you can say he has some size.
      2. Abs – He has an impressive six-pack, to say the least, but they are not the only show in town.
      3. Arms – The mirror muscles of the arm – think biceps and triceps – are in focus.
      4. Lower body – Developed, but not particularly large. Here you see more definition than size.

        1. Why the word "torn": He has more muscle everywhere, creating a kind of effect.

          Favorite Day in the Gym: Full Body Workouts (with Curl Circuits of course)

          Diet: Paleo

          He looks like this: Jason Mamoa, Michael B Jordan, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Do you want more examples? Take a look at our full list of Jacked Dudes.

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          He is visibly larger than a normal person. Shoulders, neck and wrinkles come into play and his lower body is more than just a reflection. Top-tier superheroes like Captain America and Thor are definitely in this category, and muscle-strapped strength and power-centric athletes like NFL Running Backs and Elite CrossFitters.

          1. Chest / Pecs – Big. These muscles can not be confused now, shirt on or off.
          2. Abs – They are not the focus here, but they are undoubtedly impressive. Instead of looking carved, the muscles seem to be embedded in the middle section.
          3. Arms – These arms are big, but they are still functional. These muscles can and will be used well, probably to save the world.
          4. Lower Body – The muscles in the legs are more than just defined – they are considerable. If he is an athlete, the built-up guy is designed for performance, not just speed.

                Why the word "jacked up": His muscles are significantly larger than most men's, as if they were supported by something – like an angry lorry.

                Favorite Day at the Gym: Balanced Muscle Building Workouts

                Diet: Protein, protein and more protein.

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                It looks like: The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (aka The Mountain). Do you want more examples? Take a look at our list of real life giants to see who else is swollen.

                Great everywhere. Not only are they taller than ordinary, everyday humans – they are noticeably larger than men at the lower levels of the scale. Bodybuilders and extreme athletes like The Rock or JJ Watt prove that being gay is a lifestyle. You could use the word "yoke" to describe the same body, if that's your thing.

                1. Chest / Pecs – Absolutely solid. There are no hanging breasts here, but his breast is so big that you might wonder if a bra could be useful just to hold the pectoral muscles.
                2. Abs – There are some definitions, but its core is not necessarily the ripped-up six-pack you'll see in smaller dudes.
                3. Arms – Gigantic.
                4. Lower body – Tree trunks.

                      Why the word "swole": His muscles are so big that they look as if he's swollen.

                      Favorite day in the gym: Day for powerlifting

                      Diet: Everything. To sustain this mass, these guys are constantly eating – and their cheating days are legend.

                      BEYOND CUT, RIPPED, JACKED OR SWOLE

                      One of the most notable things about our body is its ability to change. There are certain genetic factors that we can not always control, including height, but apart from those exceptions, you can work to make your body the way you want.

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                      That The ability to shape oneself can make those categories a bit more fluent. Normal boys can slowly change from normal body shapes to hard-cutting, being torn or even jacked up. Movie stars can jump with their higher incentives and endless resources between normal bodies and wonders that appreciate it.

                      These chameleons can make it difficult to describe exactly how fit they are from one moment to the next. It could be said that Hugh Jackman is usually pretty chapped and has a great focus on arms and abdominals – but when he raised his Wolverine physique for his final turn in Logan he definitely tended to riot. [19659056] image "title =" image "class =" Lazyimage Lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/wolverine-1541567094.png?crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/>


          To steal astronomy, Jackman was torn and torn open.

          We've seen Michael B lately Jordan Yo-Yo Up and Down the Libra: While we developed his body from a child actor in 19459011 The Wire and Friday Night Lights to the first Creed The more dramatic change took place between his In Black Panther his Killmonger was a formidable, formidable presence – he was jacked up.

          But to play light heavyweight boxing champ in Creed II Jordan had the Decrease mass to fit into the weight class (no matter that his opponent, Florian Munteanu, is undeniably heavyweight.) He is leaning down, this kind of transformation requires a lot of work – but that's just part of it to be a male Hollywood star in 2018.

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          Other times, men might find it hard to pigeon hole due to their size, body shape – or even as they are known in pop culture. Terry Crews is a big guy, and he's muscular all over but I hesitate to take him straight to the damn camp.

            image "title =" image "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/terry-image-1541566862.png ? crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/> </picture></div>
<div class=
          Crews is definitely not small – but is it swollen?

          Getty Images

          He's much taller than the average person, but his Mass seems to be relatively limited compared to bodybuilders or even The Rock.

          I suspect another factor. In my downplay of Crew's Swolless, it has a lot to do with how I know him best: his role as serious police, Sgt. Terry Jeffords on Brooklyn 99. Crews is so funny and versatile on the show The physique is one of the most reliable gadgets for his comedy, the character is consistently dependable.Swole seems to me a top-end state which is almost untouchable – and anyone who loves lavender yogurt is anything but untouchable.

          There is definitely a case for weakened crews, . So I use both words, albeit reluctantly. After all, I can only repeat myself that often.

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