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Mr. Olympic contender Brandon Curry escapes the video of a sports accident

Richard Stonehouse Getty Images

  • Bodybuilder Brandon Curry narrowly avoided a terrible accident when a machine he used fell over while training.
  • Curry trained for next week's Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas.
  • Curry shared his story and video of the incident on Instagram.

    The first rule in the gym is safety. For most people, this means avoiding loads that are heavier than they can handle. However, caution should be exercised for lifters such as world-class bodybuilders and Arnold Classic champion Brandon Curry to avoid using loads heavier than even the gadgets can.

    Curry recently suffered just that horror as he trained his upper body. As he worked through a series of overhead triceps extensions, he pulled the machine to himself. The moment was captured on video that Curry later shared in an Instagram post. The load set on the machine was too high for it to be held in place with the power of Curry's extension, and the machine tipped on top of the repeat as the weight was raised.

    Fortunately, Curry got out of accident with just a few cuts and bruises – given the weight that fell on him and the other machines in the room, the result could have been significantly worse.

    Curry accepted the near miss and commented on the aftermath of the incident in this post: "Thank God I left unharmed, just a bump and scrap," he wrote. "Life is uncertain, things can be great in one second and not great in another." Las Vegas, Nevada. He finished fifth at the event last year, and although the accident was unfortunate, he is clearly trying to improve his placement for 2019. Curry has already started well this season as he could assume first place earlier this year in March Arnold Classic.

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