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Merry Christmas, Bob | T nation

  1. Successful people face as many obstacles and challenges as everyone else. You have just decided to overcome them.
  2. "Do not try" is the default reaction for too many people – people who have really big potential.
  3. New Year's resolutions are for weak people. If they were serious, they would have already started making positive changes.
  4. Will you be more athletic, stronger or leaner next year? Or will you still apologize?

Note: Since the publication of this article in 2000, it has been a kind of unofficial T Nation Christmas card. This year Chris gave an update for 201

4 and beyond. Have fun and have a nice Christmas!

The Christmas Party

"So, what are you doing professionally these days?" Bob asked me.

We sat on a couch at these boring holiday meetings, the ones where you're supposed to be nice to family members you'll never see except during big holidays and funerals.

"I work for T-Nation.com."

Bob looked at me blankly.

"It's a website that builds muscle," explained.

Empty view. Hart in the spotlight. A politician during a teleprompter glitch.

"Oh," Bob finally said, "Like bodybuilding and stuff? I do not have time to lift weights all day and all the crap, but that was I meant to get rid of that beer belly."

He took another sip of beer. "What do you suggest?" Sip .

Bob swelled his natural light, smoked a cigarette and waited for an answer. I tried to figure out how to explain to the average person what the typical nation reader is doing and why he is doing it. How could I let him understand what we are doing?

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<h3>  Tough Love For Bob [19659019] I took a deep breath and said something like this: [19659009] "Well, Bob, you could use the term 'bodybuilding' if you really need a label. Most of us are not actually on stage. We lift weights and manipulate our diet so that we look nude and kick our asses. Sure, it's healthy too, and we're likely to live a longer and more productive life than the average person, but it goes beyond that. </p>
<p style= "Make yourself, Bob, but we do it in part because of people like

.We look like you're sitting there, your belly is hanging over your belt, and we'll see you fight like that Getting out of a chair People like you are our inspiration.

"We love it when you do not talk about having time to practice. Every time we see you chew on a bag of Oreos, inspire us. They are our shot in the arm, our wake up call.

"You want to know what we are doing? We overcome .

" We are too busy to train but overcome. We are too busy to prepare healthy meals and eat several times a day, but we overcome. Our genetics are not perfect and we do not always feel like going to the gym. Some of us used to be just like you, Bob, but you know what? We have overcome.

"We like it when" normal "people tell us how they can not get in shape.We smile and nod sympathetically as if we feel your pain, but in reality we think you need a spine to grow and go to a gym.

"You smile embarrassed and say you just can not stay motivated. We hear you complaining. We watch as you search for the easy way out. Because of people like you, we never miss a workout.

"They ask us for advice on dieting and training, and we usually offer polite guidance, but deep inside we know you will not take it, you know that too, we smile and say," I hope this helps. Good luck! "But we know that most people will not listen and as soon as they hear that it requires hard work, sacrifice and discipline, they vote us out."

"We know they wanted to build that strong, athletic body is easy, but it just is not ten minutes a day with the latest infomercial training do not do this. A strong body does not cost five simple payments of $ 39.95.

"We like that when you eat a chocolate bar and drink Mountain Dew, we enjoy a protein shake, which makes the taste even better." While we sleep, we either get up early or stay up late, hit the iron, push us, learn, follow and fail and rise above the norm with each repetition.

"Can you sense that, Bob? Can you tell something? No? Well. That would not be half as funny if you could.

"We do it because we totally and totally give up, we do it because what we do in the gym goes on and changes in the rest of our lives – physically, mentally, maybe even mentally. because it's better than watching celebritards on TV.

"When we're in the gym, we're in this indescribable, euphoric zone. It is a feeling to be at to be completely alive. In this haze of pleasure and pain, there is knowledge and power, self-discipline and self-confidence.

"If you do it long enough, there is even enlightenment, sometimes answers to questions you did not even know sitting on those rubber mats, disguised as iron plates and bent rods."

"Do you want to lose that beer belly, Bob ? I have a crazy idea. Put the damn beer away.

"I'll tell you something, Bob, I'll get up early on Christmas morning and knock on the iron, the gym will be closed, so I'll raise it in the garage, it's in my house at six, okay? It will be colder than Hillary Clinton's Coochie, so get dressed warm.

"But let me tell you something, Bob. If you do not show up, you should not ask me again. And never sit on your beer belly again.

"This is your chance to climb out of this cage, if you do not show up, you've learned an important lesson about yourself." They do not like this lesson.

"You will not like that feeling or taste in your mouth, it will taste worse than defeat, the defeat is pretty evil, but what you will taste will be even more bitter." It will be the knowledge that you you'll know that did not try to become your standard response to the challenges of life

"Do not look at me like that either. This could be the best Christmas present you receive this year. If I see you again next year, I'll try to get a bit bigger, a little bit stronger and a little slimmer. What will you be? Will you still apologize?

"This is a gift, Bob." What do you say, Christmas morning, before the children wake up, hot coffee and cold dumbbells in my house? "

  Kettlebell Chalk

The best time is now [19659041] Maybe those are not exactly the words I used, but you have the idea.

Will Bob show up? I do not know, but he probably takes me from his Christmas card list. I think he just got stuck in a rut, and as the saying goes, the only difference between a furrow and a grave is the depth. In the beginning it is too pleasant.

If you are a regular reader of the T-Nation, I doubt that you need to be called. But maybe you got caught doing it? Maybe you've missed a few training sessions or you've started the usual holiday festivities a bit too early, like in September.

Remember that now is the time to work on this next goal. The time to get rid of those bad habits that hold you back is now. You want to look very different until the next Christmas? Start now.

That's not because of some crazy New Year's resolution. If you are serious about this resolution, you would already do so. The best time for productive action is always now .

At this season, I want you to enjoy being with your family. Open gifts, New Year's Eve and a good meal. But if your regular workout happens to be on vacation, what will you do this morning at six?

This sets us apart from people like Bob.

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