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Men share the disgusting things they do privately

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Be honest, there are things you do when you're alone, you'll never do it in front of other people. In a thread on Reddit, Lying over 5,000 repetitions, men share the strange and often downright disgusting things they do privately.

It turns out that many people like to "scratch and sniff." Some describe it as a reassuring little ritual ("Everyone likes their own brand"), others say it's a good way to quickly check that everything smells good and therefore hygienic. "I have a theory after watching many dogs," said a commentator. "They all scratch the inside of their ears and almost always smell of the paw with which they scratched themselves. I think it's a health check. "

Taking a shower while showering was another incredibly common habit among men." Peeing in the shower alone is the most logical and practical thing, "said one man," it's literally of the word cleaner, than to piss in a toilet where water and pee can spurt out. "Others agreed," I do it too and have assumed that everyone has done it. It's just efficient. The shower water washes everything off. "

Many men also admitted to eating or drinking in the bathroom, especially in the mornings to save time." I drink coffee while I'm in the bathroom, it's the ultimate garbage dump "My brother is pissing and brushing his teeth at the same time because he is lazy at the same time," said another commentator, calling for the counter-argument, "He's efficient."

Another lesser-used habit, which was quoted by a commentator, was: "I sucked water on my nose and blew it out in the shower. I've learned this trick as a drywall farmer, and although it's bad at the moment, it feels great afterwards. "However, this resulted in a series of health warnings as there were cases of people getting very sick or even dying Taking in unfiltered water or getting amoebas in the nose that can find their way to the brain If you want that satisfying feeling, it's best to buy a sinus rinse bottle.

Other confessions on the thread concluded that " Gather my fluff "," Pee in a bottle at night so I do not have to get out of bed, "and" bite my toe nails, "which is crude, but also impressive in terms of flexibility. But now that these guys have their Holding hands up and admitting all this, we hope they think a bit and then, you know, stop.
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