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Men over 40 resistance band pushups for stronger pectoral muscles

Writer, fitness model and trainer Kirk Charles, NASM-CPT CES, knows that life can get more complicated as you age. But that shouldn’t stop you from being at the top of your game. He will help you answer the tough training questions that come with age so that you too can live to be over 40.

One of my clients is extremely competitive and at 49 his main motivation is to beat his 20 year old son. His son is athletic and the divisive image of him when he was 20 years old. My client constantly remembers how well he lived with him.

His son tells “the old man”

; to hold push-up contests every week or so. My client hasn’t won this fight in the past four years and his son is adding to the void, but my client says that he closes the void every few weeks. He owes his greater endurance and strength to the inclusion of push-ups with resistance bands in our workouts. By adding the bands, he is challenged even more thanks to the oncoming resistance. When you push off the floor, the tension from the stretching of the ligament makes your muscles even harder. You have the option to do the body weight push-ups even harder to maximize your chest without overwhelming your joints.

Before adding resistance bands to your own pushups, it is a good idea to perfect your form. Start with your hands just below your shoulders in a plank position screwed into the floor in a slightly rotated outward position. Look directly at the floor to ensure proper spine alignment, not up and in front of you, as this can cause your spine and hips to drop down. From this plank position, squeeze your shoulder blades together to stabilize your shoulders and protect your rotator cuffs. Squeeze your glutes together and brace your abs to stabilize your core. This is your starting position.

As you flex your arms on the floor, make sure your elbows do not extend outward more than 45 degrees. Descend to just above the floor, then push it all the way up, fully extending your elbows. Keep your shoulder blades, glutes, and abs compressed for stability.

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Add the band once you can do 10 to 15 perfect reps without breaking a sweat. First, take a kneeling position and grab your band with both hands in front of you. Twist the band over your head over your back and position it at the bottom of your shoulder blades. With the tape snug, reach out and get into the plank position just like you did without using the tape and go from there.

You will find that the push-up feels normal when you hit the floor. However, as you advance to the top position, the resistance increases, so when you are at maximum contraction you are fighting the ligament (this is the oncoming resistance). Make sure you don’t sacrifice your position to get out of the hole. If you find your shape is marked out, use lighter tape or drop it entirely.

I alternate between regular and resistance bands during my own training. I suggest trying 5 to 10 reps on the resistance band, then immediately jumping into standard pushups and getting the most out of them. Try four sets like this three times a week. Then you may be ready to take in the young blood the next time you are challenged.

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