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Melissa McCarthy on Hollywood's Double Standard and even after her & # 39; enormous size & # 39; asked

Photo: Steve Granitz / GettyImages.com

Melissa McCarthy sets out on the ugly side of a female star in Hollywood.

The 48-year-old actress, 48, remembered to be her in a conversation for InStyle's s February issue labeled "grotesque".

"Years ago I was at a press conference for either The Heat or Tammy And someone from a very large organization kept asking me," Why do you always feel the need so being grotesque? "McCarthy said. "It was a huge interview with maybe 100 people in the room, and he sneered."

The actress said she felt at ease at the time and told the journalist, "What are we talking about? I can not answer your question because I do not understand it." He leaves, "You look sloppy, you do not wear make-up, your hair is not ready yet, you're screaming at people. "

" I was like, OK, "did you ever ask that of a man? I play a character. You have to come out more, if you do not believe that there are real women, "said McCarthy. "He's leaving," Oh, okay, I'm aggressive, call it what you want. If you do not want to answer the questions, you should not come to the panel. "

The star said that at the time, she wanted to tell him to" put off "but refused because the reporter would" win at all possible levels. " (Related: Why body-shaming is such a big problem (and what you can do about it to stop it))

"I thought," I really want to answer your questions. I am sorry that I did not wear any make-up in any part. I'm sorry I did not like you. But I do not think you should write about films here, "she said.

McCarthy recalled another moment when she was criticized by a journalist for her looks and asked, "Are you shocked that you are actually working on it? Business in your mighty size? (Connected: Melissa McCarthy's roots for her online trolls: I'll never change things by sitting in my living room bawling)

"He was like & & # 39; # 39; Oh, your enormous size, can you actually work? & # 39 ;, she said. "I just remember all the blood that came out of me. I thought, "With my enormous size, I could tackle you so quickly." He looked around like, "She's crazy." "

The Oscar-nominated actress was convinced that the reporter's questions would not be sent, but common instances So it happens again and again "to the point where it is fascinating because they do not do it for men." (Related: ICYDK, body-shaming is an international problem)

"Not a jerk his or him alone to deal with, but when John Goodman was heavier, has anyone ever talked about his size?

McCarthy said to PEOPLE in May 2018 that she did not feel criticized after her 2016 film Ghostbusters .

"Strangely enough, I always feel like I'm not annoying her: 'Oh, I hope you'll meet someone soon to talk to, someone who really makes you laugh … & # 39; ; She said. "I am only responsible for this person to find a little joy."

She added, "I'll never change anything by yelling in my living room, it will not fix or help, it was a tough story for women, but at some point I just said," I'm not going to be in it anymore "It's not my reality – the men I know would not behave that way, so I look at the men I know, who made my life better, and I keep reminding them are the norm. "

" It's the same thing I say to my girls, 'If someone's mean, then they're probably not happy,' she said. 'If you have a nice day, go Do not pass anyone and yell, "Freak!" If you're happy, say, "I love your rock!"

This story was originally published on People.com by Alexia Fernandez.

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