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Meg Squats & # 39; Quick Back Workout

Why are Meg Squats lifting? Because it makes you strong – not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. "Because it makes a fool of me," she says. That sounds like a good reason to jump into her back training. In just three moves you will hit your middle back and lats.

Meg warms up before she gets up. You should be too, even if you are doing a relatively short workout like this one. She writes the R.A.M.P. Approach. The R stands for 10-15 minutes to increase your heart rate with heart and dynamic stretching. A and M stand for activation and mobilization with bands and movement patterns that reflect the exercises of the training. The P stands for the potentiation of your body through light versions of the exercises in your workout.

"Do not be one of those people who just walk through the gym door and go straight to the bar," says Meg. "Pay more attention to your training, so take some time to prepare your body so you can get the most out of everything you do." ] Wide-Pull Lat Pull-Down

As with all these exercises, you should take it easy. Feel every inch of the movement. For this exercise, lean back about 30 degrees from the vertical and hold it there; Use your lats to reduce the weight. When you reach the fully contracted position, stop and press your back muscles for a beat or two. Resist the temptation to sit back while pulling down the weight. If you feel that you need to sit back to lower the weight, use too much weight. Lighten the load and focus on good form.

  Wide Pull Lat Pull-Down

Straight Arm Pull-Down

As with the Lat pull-down, this exercise is all about controlling the movement. If you are overworked, you may feel the urge to increase your body weight more to increase weight. You may also be tempted to sit back, swing, or throw your shoulders forward – all to get that pole in your hips. Instead, keep the spine calm and concentrate on moving the weight with only your lats.

Seated Cable Row

Not to repeat myself, but … keep the body away from this exercise as well. This is not a movement for your legs or your core. You can do both if you perform this exercise incorrectly. Of course, keep your core and legs taut as you perform these rows. You should not actively participate in the movement of weight. Instead, focus on using the muscles in your middle back.

  Seated Cable Row

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