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meal prep worksheet + tips

The kicking of grocery stores without a plan is not only frustrating, it wastes your time! Take the initiative to plan your meals in the coming week. Planning your meals will save you time and the many headaches that can come with the common question "What will we eat ???". Download the Meal Preparation Worksheet below to see the difference that small planning can make both at the grocery store and at home.

Download our Food Preparation Worksheet

Tips for completing meal preparation Worksheet

  1. Look into your pantry
    Choose recipes for the week based on what you already have. Use what you have already bought to save money and make room for new food in a few weeks.
  2. Be realistic.
    Do you really have time to make this roast turkey with fresh vegetables and homemade bread? Be realistic in your diet. For example, on Saturday you might have plenty of time to do something special, but on Thursday night, it's probably best to opt for something simple (like 5-minute Black Bean Quesadillas).
  3. Plan to double and repeat. 19659005] Cooking new meals every day sounds stressful! Do not be afraid to double your recipes for tomorrow's lunch or dinner. After all, it is not against the rules to have a similar breakfast or lunch several times a week. Make grocery shopping and food preparation easy by doubling and repeating recipes.

Download our food preparation worksheet.

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