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Massy Arias is the face of CoverGirl's new sweat proof line

Photo: CoverGirl

Fitness influencer and trainer Massy Arias is known for being an absolute beast in the gym among its 2.5 million Instagram followers Last year, she also worked as an ambassador for the CoverGirl team. It shows that it is a wicked athlete and a full skirt to rock The face of make-up is not mutually exclusive: Arias is the face of the Active Collection of CoverGirl, a powerful line of sweat-proof, moisture-resistant products throughout the day "torture-proofed" (workouts included). The collection includes a volumizing mascara (now available), an oil-free foundation with SPF, a cooling adjustment mist and a highly effective, liquid eyeliner (starting in January).

We talked with Arias about the products and treatments In her anti-acne anti aging skin care routine (including the drink she makes, she does more (for glowing skin) as she feeds her daughter through her beauty rituals Teaching self-love, and the sweat-proof make-up element that she can never go without for a day without.

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Follows a rigorous anti-acne skin care routine.

"I did not have the biggest skin and struggled with it Spots In the last few years, I've really taken care of my skin and that has made a big difference The most important thing for me after I finish the training (whether I'm wearing makeup or not) is my face always wipe off with coconut oil or jojoba oil I exfoliate once p a week to make sure I get rid of dead skin, and I'm sleeping in a silk pillowcase – it works great on my hair, wrinkles, and it does not deprive your skin of moisture. I change it every other day, I clean my phone regularly and make sure I do not sleep with make-up.

Without this make-up she never leaves the house.

"I never leave the house without mascara, it's a must, especially now that my hair is short. Besides, I love my eyes, so it's my favorite part to be emphasized. The application CoverGirl Lash Blast Active ($ 9; walgreens.com) is out of this world. It goes on smoothly, it looks very natural, it is not lumpy, it persists in sweating, and you can easily take it off, unlike many other waterproof mascaras that are really hard to remove. I am obsessed with it. (Associated with: Massy Arias explains that people are wrong in establishing fitness goals)

7 months later I was able to not happy with my decision and hack I work with my natural I made it for my indi I did it so she could look at me and see herself as a little girl who grew up in the Dominican Republic as Afro-Latina I did not see any faces on the big screen that I could contact (except Celia Cruz). "Straight hair is good hair." I kept hearing that, well, my natural curly and curly hair is ALSO great hair Sometimes I miss my bob, but I can always play with pigtails when it grows, and maybe wigs .It was a journey, but it was worth it .This is a combination of W ash & go with a little finger I am long overdue to show you my skin and hair routine. But I wanted to show you where I was. Who hacked a lot? I hope on this post you inspired ladies who wanted to become natural, but are afraid to do it. www.massyarias.com #afrolatina #childofgod ____________________________________________________ Y 7 years old, but it's not easy if you choose the Cortel chain. Lo hice para mi pequeña Indi. You are here if you choose a group of people you want to meet. Lo hice para que aprendiera an amarse a ella misma con su belleza natural. Creciendo in the República Dominicana is an Afro-Latina club, now in a large hall with a Mujer Pudiera Relay (except Celia Cruz). El pelo lacio es pelo "bueno" … cuantas veces escuchaba esto. Mis rizos, y mi frizz it pelo bueno también. I encanta lo adoro. There are no extra reviews for this El Bobo (aunque solo le aplicaba calor) hotel, pero siempre puedo jugar and cabello con trenzas, or hasta con pelucas. It is a small version of Wash & Go, pero manipulándolo with Los Dedos and Las puntas. Espero que esto inspires you to an unforgettable experience. Y si se que tengo que mostrarles mi rutina de mi piel y mi cabello. Pero como me preguntaban, is the best of the Trenzarlo Otra Vez! #hijadecristo

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She uses her beauty routine to teach self-love to her daughter. [19659010] "Cutting hair was so much more than a beauty decision – when I grew up, I never watched TV and saw women I could identify with, even on Hispanic television you can often only see the lesser Hispanics and Latinos – and I never saw women who wore their real hair For me, this is more than a natural hair movement, this was for my daughter Indi, who leads by example and shows her that I'm confident in my skin once a week 'We're doing our hair together and I let them touch my hair – that's our bonding time. It's the little things I do to boost their self-esteem. "

She believes that wearing makeup in the Gym should not be a taboo.

"I really like to look natural – before I go to the gym A small concealer under my eyes, a small highlighter on my nose and my mascara When I have a toddler, sometimes I do not sleep enough and need my dark circles CoverGirl Outlast Active 24-Hour Foundation has an SPF of 20, which is great when I work out outdoors, as it never falls off or oxidizes, then I use a mist to trap it, a small highlighter, an extra layer of mascara and lip gloss: I really feel like a real feminist, I'll never look down on a woman wearing make-up in the gym, women can be foolish and lie down, if we really should say, [19459004HeyduwillstMake-upwear?Makeup! At the end of the day you make w hat makes you happy. "

Dear women and young girls, you like to be strong if you love every piece you are. In a world that constantly sets new standards for beauty, as women we must build the trust to love who we are. If you love more, are really slim, muscular, tall or short, you should own it better! Stop hating everything that you believe you are not and build trust to know that you can always strive to be a better version of yourself, without your uniqueness and neglecting your self-esteem. If you love yourself, you will learn to work with respect. That's what @growingupindi should never forget. To all my queens, celebrate yourself! www.massyarias.com #mawarrior # ma30day #childofGod #momspo _____________________________________________ Queridas mujeres y chicas, sean fuertes en amar lo que son. In a number of constant hotels you will find more information on hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities that are housed in this hotel. Celebrate the best restaurants in the world, the ancient times, the bayita and the east coast of the United States of America, or just the world (Ojo, todos los somos)! You do not have any hotels nearby, but you do not know how and when you will be satisfied with your needs. No Tienes are usually for a singularity, not for a car. Cuando te amas a ti mismo, a trabajar and ti con respeto. Here is a quiero que @growingupindi nunca olvide. A todas mis reinas, ¡celébrense! #hijadecristo

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It always begins its morning with this home-made drink.

"The best you can do is treat your skin from the inside out by treating it with water." When I feel my skin looks dull, I increase my water intake and you can see if your skin is suffering, I'm starting my day with 8 ounces of water mixed with a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder, 2 teaspoons of raw honey and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or apple cider vinegar capsule – I have Made my own product because people have always complained about the taste of vinegar: It's great for your immunity, for healthy, glowing skin, for water retention, to avoid feeling bloated – it's really energizing and detoxifying and can also help

She is obsessed with this anti-aging skincare treatment.

"F or last year, I've seen a woman, ie Performing acupuncture and acupuncture – it's like making a face and neck. It stimulates collagen, which really helps with fine lines and wrinkles over time. It leaves your face with that rosy glow and makes your skin look fuller. I love it. It's also relaxing – you really feel pampered, it's not painful. In the meantime, my jade scooter is doing wonders!

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