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Masking during exercise

Masking during exercise

We are in a pandemic and yes as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel we must all continue to do our part, protect others and wear a mask!

When the correct physical distance cannot be maintained and at all times indoors, everyone must wear a mask. This is required (and required by the state, the CDC, etc.) in all of our clubs. We understand this is an adjustment to the norm, especially when it comes to fitness, but with so many great mask options available now, you̵

7;ll be getting used to your new fitness swag in no time.

Here are some of our favorite masks to use to exercise:

  1. Disposable 3-ply masks – These are safe, come in bulk, offer 3 layers of protection, and best of all, you can breathe them easily! We can’t recommend these enough, especially for people who have difficulty breathing while sliding into your mask. Once you’re sweaty, just throw it away and grab a fresh one
  2. Sports masks from people like Adidas, Reeboketc. Shop for masks from your favorite sports brands. They use soft, breathable, and machine washable materials when disposable masks are not the route you want to go
  3. Everyday masks from Athleta – More and more members recommend this (and Not the Athleta made to move)

It is important that you can breathe, but also that you are completely covered – your nose and chin! And if the earbuds bother you, there are plenty of ways to tie your mask behind your neck or head instead. However, according to CDC guidelines, you should avoid single-layer masks such as neck gaiters, as well as bandanas and masks with vents.

Wearing a mask is also a great way to add an extra challenge with increased aerobic capacity to your routine. Be patient with yourself and know that our team will be happy to provide recommendations and changes as you get used to the new fitness routine. And hey, we could all take advantage of the added challenge after being home for so long!

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