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Martial artists recreate “Street Fighter” trains in real life

Seven-time karate champion and action film stuntwoman Gemma Nguyen and her counterpart, martial artist Noah Fleder, are recreating some of the most popular moves from ‘Street Fighter’ for their YouTube channel Gamology. In a recently released video, the duo went on the mat to try out 16 moves from characters like Cammy, Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Karin, Zangief, and FANG

Step 1: cammy
That turn, Cammy makes a 720-degree spin (two turns in the air) in a back fist. Nguyen is confident that she can do it and try it.

“The hardest thing about this step was learning to recognize where you are when you turn,”

; she says. “And the back fist was actually more challenging than I thought because you have to open up before you can stick that back fist because you’re basically cutting your rotating cold turkey.” And it’s pretty difficult to land it in the front pose that it does.

Train # 1: Ryu

This move actually consists of two strokes with one kick. “Dude just killed 2 flies with 1 stone,” said Nguyen. “He goes back, kicks his leg ax, hits him on the way up and then the boom hits him on the way down. Combo!” Fields try this out first. Nguyen notes that this may not work in real life.

“It works with paddles because it is able to step through the paddle, but say, for example, if it is something that will stop your kick, it will be difficult to continue swinging to do the second kick “says Nguyen.

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Train # 1: Chun-Li

This movement involves 4 kicks, all kicks from the front down. “Note that the back leg is pivoted, which means that my heel should be facing my target and that you will get this new chamber between each kick,” says Nguyen.

Step 1: Ken

This movement is a double knee. “He does one knee, two knees in one kick against the front leg and the homeboy flies,” says Nguyen. Felder takes this. “His foot doesn’t touch the ground, he just sticks to make sure his knee stays up. He kicks his front knee,” says Nguyen.

Move # 1: Karin

“She wants to see your manager!” says Nguyen. “She reaches for his hand, goes underneath and throws it. She makes it look so simple. It all depends on the person who suffers the fall. Whether or not she can sell it is important here. It’s up to Noah Really sell this litter. “

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Train # 1: Zangief

“He is hugging a bear, treating this fool with a straight man, grabbing him behind his back and under his leg, lifting him up and giving him a nice throw,” says Nguyen.

Train # 2: Chun-Li

This move is a nice strong side kick. “Every kick consists of three parts: the chamber, the kick (long extension, stick) and then the recoil and the descent,” says Nguyen.

Move # 1: CATCH

During this movement you hit your opponent’s knees with your knees, followed by an ax kick. “It was really cumbersome to get this on land. I have never had someone to hit my knees with, which was an interesting design element for an ax kick,” said Nguyen.

Step 2: cammy

“This step was really scary for both of us,” says Nguyen. “It basically requires me to get on Noah’s shoulders, fake the neck snapshot, and drop the creepiest part off his back. He had to hold my legs so I could stretch all the way back and reach for the floor. It was super scary and It was the first time I tried such a train. ”

Train # 2: Ryu

“It looks like he’s doing a 720-degree kick, but the leg is extended for the entire punch time. This becomes very difficult in real life unless you have the height to do it,” says Nguyen.

To recreate fields, he tried this and made a ‘cheat 720’, which is a “chamber that is chambered again and throws out the third leg for a spinning hook kick”.

Train No. 2: Karin

“Karin grabs the guy, distracts his hand, blocks his other hand and goes in and hits her on the washer with her shoulder,” says Nguyen. “The important part is pulling your opponent in so you can hold him tight and then boom and bump him with your shoulder.”

Step 2: Ken

“He makes a rotating top cut. He jumps up, connects this top cut, and then turns on the way down,” says Nguyen. Felder does this flawlessly with a paddle.

Train # 2: Zangief

This is just a headbutt. “It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the important part of the re-enactment is actually the person who responds. You have to find the right timing for it to really sell,” said Nguyen.

Step 3: karin

Karin does two kicks with a switch leg move. “Basically, she does a front kick without putting her foot on, and she switches to another kick,” says Nguyen. “This is a fairly common step in martial arts, so it was really easy.”

Move # 2: CATCH

“He pulls the opponent down and then does a V-push kick,” says Nguyen.

Train # 3: Zangief

“Okay, I definitely didn’t try that because I like to live!” says Nguyen. He basically grabs him and throws him upside down in a ram. But the craziest thing is that he grabs him, jumps a billion feet in the air, doesn’t know how many turns he makes, and then drives him straight to the ground. “For security reasons they modified it so that the camera was cut on it the second part, the ramming process.

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