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Mark Wahlberg shares Instagram video with strict pull-ups

Earlier this year, Mark Wahlberg got on the cover of Men health and shared how he got used to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. This meant, for the most part, more time to spend with family at home and waking up later than his infamous 4 a.m. schedule – but still plenty of time to work out at the gym. Lots and lots of time.


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Men health

After several months have passed, some of the circumstances that made the front half of 2020 so uniquely challenging have changed. However, one thing it didn’t do is that Wahlberg is still maintaining a constant fitness and exercise routine. The actor just shared video evidence on Instagram and posted a clip of himself doing a solid round of rigorous pull-ups in an empty workout room.

Wahlberg’s form for the exercise is almost flawless – there are no half repetitions. His back and shoulders are busy and he is pulling his head over the bar with no kip in sight. The only potential problem with his repetitions is that he is moving fast and it doesn’t take a moment at the top and bottom of the motion to really use his muscles or fully straighten his arms (that and wearing gloves do no favors for yours Grip strength).

But we don’t know what his training goals were, what variation of pull-ups he was doing, or what point on the set he was when he turned the clip. Because of these factors, he still receives a passport.

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When Wahlberg turned to hit a bicep flex after the set, he found he was wearing a face mask.

His face was covered even though there was no one else in the room (except the one who was presumably recording him). While the clip had no audio, its message was loud and clear: be safe and smart when you exercise, and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

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