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Man's 190-pound The transformation to weight loss helps him to climb the mountain

Keith Holt may already be a seriously accomplished man, but he hopes you will help him stay responsible for more. That's because the Luftwaffe veteran is on a health mission. He has already lost a whopping 190 pounds, but he still has a few other hills to climb – and he's doing everything in social media to keep him honest.

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For each January, we will introduce a new history of physical and mental transformation.Click here to learn more.


Nearly a year ago Holt was tired and in poor health, like many others out there, he got to that point by slowly allowing his not so big habits to take on.

"My life before it feels like it's a nasty one Dream, "said Holt Men's Health ." A little over ten years ago I was honorably discharged from the Air Force, and in my last year I started to gain a lot. "I have I was not too worried about it because my end date was close and I thought I would focus on it when I came out. "

But over time, he just looked up the number on the scale. And that, Holt said, led to depression Things got so bad that Holt, who had enrolled in college on his return from the military, got himself could not concentrate in class or even just stay awake.

Eventually, after consulting a doctor, he found that his body was not producing enough testosterone, and his thyroid – regulating the body's metabolism – was out of whack. It took almost a year for Holt to get his first testosterone intake and find the right balance of medication to get his body back on track.

"My mental state was in ruins. I would overeat and flood myself in self-pity. It was not a very good existence, "he said, only when it came to a car accident in the winter of 2014, it was getting worse, and immediately after his car was off the road and rolled before it came to a halt.When the car was demolished, went Get It Off – Physically at Least

"I remember working well with the emergency responders and the hospital staff," he said. "I was grateful to be alive, but there was a part of me that wished At least then, this nightmare [his health and weight issues] would be over. "

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In September 2017, everything changed.

" When I was in the West, I drove into the Rocky Mountain National Park and spent a few minutes looking at a mountain, Longs Peak, which I did not reach to the summit [of]15 years ago, when I lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the early years of my military life K Arriere, "explained Holt." I had long regretted having reached the top. "

A few months later – on January 28, 2018, to Be Exact – Holt ate a taco salad and wondered," So I'm going out? "After spending eight years in the military and two trips to Iraq, He graduated from college and landed a dream job, he said with his terrible health It was time for his health to reconcile with the rest of his life – time, figuratively and literally climbing this mountain that he needed a little incentive, so he invited a friend to film his first move on his very public blog "Up the Peak."

He started to walk, and on foot, and on foot, he started Using the MyFitnessPal app to monitor his food intake, reduce his calorie intake, and ensure he got the right balance of macros for his body, he kept the meals simple, like oatmeal for breakfast, p Alate for lunch and grilled chicken with steamed vegetables for dinner. After a week he lost 18 pounds. At the six-week mark he had lost a total of 50 points. After a few months, Holt saw his weight loss skyrocket – and he has not looked back since.

"When Libra was back in the 200s, I felt special. I did not think I would see it again – then it was even better to see the scale sink to the 260, "he said. On July 28, 2018, just six months after the start of his trip, Holt did it: he climbed Longs Peak.

"I did not think it would happen this year [but] I did it in six months," Holt said. "The feeling of seeing where I was in January and where I was in July to this day is like a dream. Mentally I'm a lot better than where I was, but the depression never really goes away. I usually have a better overview.

Ever since he reached the summit, there have been days when he said he was still a bit sad, simply because he could achieve something he dreamed about so quickly. But now he will only find a new mountain to climb.

"After doing what I did, it's still an incredible feeling," he said. "Even though I have a hard spot here and there, all I have to do is watch the video and see the evidence before me: I can lose the rest of the weight when I'm ready."

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What others can do if they're stuck like him, Holt added The reason you want to do it for yourself.

"Stay up to date and have a plan. All the help you need is right in front of you and it's just a click, "he told YouTube, it's in the stories people tell about their own struggles, take the inspiration from others to get the motivation in you

"Find your mountain, whatever that may be."

For information on mental health and finding treatment services in your area, contact the Referral Helpline on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services at 1-1. 800-662-HELP (4357).

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