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Man Credits £ 400 Weight Loss Transformation into Reddit, Simple Diet

Yes, Robert Treglia was always overweight. As a child, he bought his school uniform in the "Husky" section. But even as an athlete, he was very active, which gave him the balance of life. That is, until his teenage years arrived and his weight became so problematic that he no longer cared for the team.

When he was thirty, he could not walk down the street without pain. He finally reached his breaking point at 602 pounds. But with a little stamina and a lot of work, Treglia officially retired from the Husky area after losing almost 400, even 400 pounds.

"As I grew older, my eating habits did not change. They actually got worse, "says Treglia. "There was always something new from a fast food restaurant that I wanted to try, or a great meal in a restaurant. I used food to make me happy. I could not find happiness in myself, so the food was my escape. "

Treglia, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, explained that his depression made him feel" ugly or unattractive ", but the" plate of pasta with meatballs "and garlic bread would not suit me. "He actually felt better after eating it, but even then knew that it was a downward spiral.

So he tried to lose weight through a variety of diets, including Weight Watchers and Atkins. Although he was successful with Weight Watchers and lost about 80 pounds, he felt that the system was too expensive to meet his needs. That, and he had other things for which he had to spend his money.

"At $ 1

5 a week, it was too expensive," he said. "It's bad enough to pay a lot more money for clothes and furniture so you can keep your weight, that you now need a lot of money to even lose the weight."

Following his success on the diet, Treglia was still extremely overweight, experiencing body aches, sleep apnea and probably staring at the cusp of a serious illness. Things got so bad that the distance between his desk and the toilet for cleaning was so great that he began restricting the drinking water so he did not have to get up to go to the bathroom.

His life, just Put, passed him by. "I could not walk more than a few hundred meters without my lower back feeling like it was on fire and being stabbed with a knife." "I could not help with the chores either. My wife bought while I sat in the car and waited for her. I could not do gardening without being in terrible pain, so I apologize why it's not possible. My wife got used to the fact that my answer to everything is no.

One night, however, Treglia found his answer. It was not a magic pill or whatever the Kardashians mess up on Instagram these days. Instead, it was Reddit. Yes, everyone's favorite meme factory has saved Treglia's life

"I found some subreddit on Reddit to help people lose weight. I read so many stories of people who lost 100 to 200 pounds that I felt I could try, "he says, referring to communities like r / loseit.

Reading the strangers' updates on their own weight loss, Treglia discovered that most – if not all – successful subjects used the MyFitnessPal app which can be downloaded for free. "I watched videos on YouTube explaining how to use the app and food for preparing meals," he explained. "I used that as a springboard to lose weight and learn to eat properly."

At over £ 500, Treglia had a hard lesson to learn once he opened the app and started to feed. "I had to relearn what was healthy and what was not," he said. "When I grew up, I always thought it was healthy if we cooked it at home. After giving some of these meals to MyFitnessPal, I learned that a healthy meal was almost 2,000 calories.

At some point, Treglia realized he was probably eating 5,000 calories a day. So he had to make a decision: Take the recommended calorie intake of the app on board or head to a darker result. "I did not want my wife to find me dead in bed one morning because I had a heart attack while I slept. I did not want her to feel guilty, it was her fault that this happened. I wanted to get well, so that I could give her the life she deserved, "he says.

He began counting his calories with the app. It quickly became a game for Treglia, who loved math anyway. Next, he has expanded his technology with a Fitbit to follow his steps. "When I first wore a Fitbit I had an average of 3,000 steps a day," he said. After a few months, he began to see results. His clothes were loose and he had lost about ten percent of his body weight.

"I was so excited when my first digit went from a 5 to a 4," he said. "That really showed me that I could make that journey." After a year and a half, he decided to go to a gym. Fortunately, his cousin had a degree in kinematics and is an ACSM-certified motion physiologist. "He helped coordinate a training program with my doctor for me," says Treglia.

His walks turned into cardio and resistance training for three to four days a week. All this helped him sink 394.8 pounds to reach his new weight of 207. "The changes in my body were enormous. When I look in the mirror, I see definition; especially in my arms, my neck, and my shoulders, "he says, adding that resistance training has helped reduce his flabby skin.

That does not mean it was always easy for Treglia. "I'll never forget the moment I drove home from work. I really wanted to get fast food. The whole journey home in my thoughts I went back and forth, whether I should get fast food or not. Like an autopilot, I drove straight to the fast food parking lot and parked my car, "recalls Treglia. "I sat and talked with me about whether I want it or not. I opened MyFitnessPal and saw that I only had enough calories for a healthy dinner. I did not have enough for a full meal on site. I sat there and cried because I wanted the burger and fries so much. I felt like an addict who could not get what he was looking for. "

Nevertheless, he insisted on it and pushes even today to lose a few more pounds. And now, according to Treglias, every day is an amazing day: "I can always do something new that I could not do before. I no longer feel like I'm the target of everyone's attention. When I enter a room, I no longer feel like the "fat guy" in the room, "he said," I do not feel people judge me by my weight. "

Treglia looks forward to it again Learning to ride a bicycle, going hand in hand with your wife on vacation, and waking up with a new life every day.

"Do not change everything at once, especially when you are very sedentary," says Treglia, as she asking what other people can learn from their story. "Make small changes and let them snow to bigger changes.This is not a race to reach your weight loss goal, so why treat it like one? We did not lose that weight overnight, and we will not lose it that way. "

He added," You do not have to do much, just do something, stop laying it down, or find an excuse just get out and mac h it. "

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