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"Lucifer" Season 5 fan theory states that Ella Lopez goes to hell

Lucifer fan theory states that Ella Lopez is going to hell in season 5 of the Netflix show.
• Netflix recently announced Lucifer's fifth season coming out in 2020.
• The Last Season will have a total of 16 episodes.

Netflix has recently made Lucifer fans the ultimate gift. It has been announced that it not only returns the popular show for a fifth and final season, but also adds six more hours of programming. This means that the last season will have a total of 1

6 episodes, not just the originally announced 10. The only bad news is that we have to wait until 2020 to see it.

While we are patiently waiting for the new season, we can all argue about which fan theories will turn out. Although there are plenty of hot takes that show what will happen in the fifth season, this may be our favorite show: Ella Lopez goes to hell.

Ella is one of It's hard to believe that she ends up in hell, but listen to us. At least listen to the reddit user Sent_Angel_Of_Death, who came up with this pretty plausible theory. As the Reddit user notes, the fourth season ended with the return of Lucifer to hell to prevent the demons from coming to Earth. He sacrificed his love for Chloe.

"The question is how to bring Lucifer back to Earth," wrote Sent_Angel_Of_Death.

Here is the essence of Lucifer Fan Theory:

Ella's lost faith sends her to hell.

As true Lucifer fans know, Ella struggled with her own belief in the fourth season. This could lead to an interesting situation in which Ella is both faithful and ready for anything. Sent_Angel_Of_Death suggests the following could happen:

"What if there's an incident in the first episode where Ella is forced to make a decision to save someone she loves, or even a scene in which she avenges her brother (who was it) the diamond thief from a previous season is murdered, but with this sacrifice or act of revenge she commits a sin worth destroying it to the underworld. Lucifer believes that his friend Ella got a rough deal, just like he did when his father threw him out of the sky, Lucifer believes that Lucifer believes that this is the case Ella flies back to Earth and begins her two redemptive struggles.

  Ella Lopez about & # 39; Lucifer & # 39;

Archangel Michael comes to punish them all.

There's got to be a little conflict ict somewhere Right? Sent_Angel_Of_Death suggests starting with Archangel Michael As you may remember or do not remember Sunday School, Archangel Michael was the leader of the army of God against Lucifer's uprising.

According to the theory, Michael sees what happens Lucifer and Ella collapse and are annoyed, as he sees fit, abandoning the natural order of life, so he sets out to Earth with the goal of "sending Ella back to hell where he is feels belonging ".

However, this is Lucifer to be a twist.

Archangel Micheal becomes the new devil.

Sent_Angel_Of_Death believes Michael will try to kill Lucifer, Chloe and Ella. However, in Lucifer's last moments Michael loses his nerve and insults him for everything that went wrong. This action quickly backfires and transforms Michael into the new devil.

"Similar to the end of the third season in which Cane tells Lucifer that he can not overtake what he has done and what he really is, Michael [whose] eyes red anger as fire devours his face as his pure hatred of Lucifer and his "defiance" are finally revealed. Ella, Chloe and Lucifer die, "wrote Sent_Angel_Of_Death.

Lucifer finally lands in the Silver City.

In this fan theory, the final scene begins with Lucifer waking up in a field of flowers and colors that are not on Earth.

"How He Begins To pull himself together, you see a hand enter the shot that hugs his hand, and after a strange expression, a single tear falls from Lucifer's eye," added Sent_Angel_Of_Death. "Lucifer turns and sees Chloe in the meadow by his side. Chloe does not seem to be scared of where they are, but this is not a place Lucifer was familiar with before the war with God, but he does not care and they become very emotional that they are somehow still together.

] In the end they all land – according to Sent_Angel_Of_Death – in the Silver City. Imagine Ella appearing next to Lucifer and Chloe and asking if they are ready.

"Before they go through, Chloe turns to Lucifer and says," I love you Lucifer. He replies, "You have always been my only true love, but my name is Samael. "The series is over."

Anyone else shivering? Excuse me, but if it does not actually end like that, you've abandoned us all.

Read the entire fan theory of Sent_Angel_Of_Death here .

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