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List of questions you need to ask your friend before it's too late

  List of Questions You Need to Ask Your Friend Before It's Too Late

If you are unsure about your relationship and can not decide whether to go out with a real person or not? Then you have to ask your friend these questions.

It is a difficult decision to enter into a relationship, especially if you can not decide if a person is right or not. It mainly happens when you feel the spark of love at the beginning and later wonder how well you really know your partner. Before taking a step forward in a relationship, you need to ask your friend these 50 questions and find out if they are both made for each other. One thing you want people to have seen nothing about?

Who is the most remarkable person in your life and why?

Without what can you not survive?

What do you mean by intimacy?

Which movie do you prefer the most?

What's your favorite season?

What makes you?

What makes you cry?

For which guilty pleasure do you like spending money?

How much money do you make?

What are your wishes in life?

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What is this that you value more than anything else in your life?

Do you feel that you have to work in any part of your life?

What are your biggest difficulties in a relationship to date?

What's the best about your parents?

What could an ex-partner say about you?

What is your biggest fear in life?

If you could change anything about yourself, what could it be?

What do people think about you first?

What would you describe yourself as?

What annoys you more than anything else?

What's a hassle you have?

What makes you happier, money or love?

What's your concept for a perfect day?

Is there someone in your life you do not speak anymore?

What quality is this that you expect from your partner?

What's the worst thing that could ever happen in your head?

What do you think is the best thing that has ever happened to you in life?

Have you ever been in a relationship?

Funny or smart, what kind of partner do you prefer the most?

Do you think you are a dominant person in a relationship?

What was the dreadful thing you ever said about an ex-partner?

What makes you crazy?

Have you ever forgiven someone you thought you could not?

Do you have any shackles?

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What do you love more about yourself than anything else?

How would you observe the disappointment in your life?

Can you change who you should be with someone?

Have you ever cheated on your partner?

What is the only thing that makes you helpless?

What is a lesson you have learned the hardest?

What was a moment that was totally humiliating and you wish you could let him go?

What is most important to you in a relationship?

What is the best part of your body?

What makes you question a relationship?

What kind of music do you prefer the most?

What was the best compliment you ever got from a partner?

What's the worst thing anyone has ever said about you that you're thinking about?

For what reason do you want to be in a relationship?

Do you think you are romantic?

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Written by: Arti Chaudhary

Source: Onlymyhealth Editorial Staff May 26, 2019

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