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Lil Nas X should not have to "explain" his decision to come out

Lil Nas X has just announced his decision to get out of the closet. In a sequel to HBO's The Shop he told a number of comedy, music and sports men why he thought it was important to tell the world who he was after his song "Old Town Road" "With all this early success, you felt it was important to make an announcement," Paul Rivera said, referring to Lil Nas X coming out on Twitter at the peak of Record Year 19 on Twitter as a Week One. "Why you thought that it is necessary to come out and say that? "interrupted his guest Kevin Hart:" He said he was gay, so what? "

When he finally got a word in, Lil Nas X. said, "It's not like being forced, it's like knowing that I'm growing up and hating that shit, I should never like that. "

" What do I hate? "Hart asked.

" Homosexuality ̵

1; Homosexual people. "Lil Nas X replied. When Hart asked why, Lil Nas X said," Come on. If you're really off the hook, you know … So for me it's like the cool guy with the song above everything would say this at any other time, my eyes. But if you do that while you're up there, you know it's real … and it does not really matter, I think.

The clip was criticized on Twitter, specifically for the looks of Lil Nas X, who has "explained" or "justified" his coming to Kevin Hart, who made an apology tour for some old tweets earlier this year Jokes about having beaten his son when he saw him play with puppets. The video raises the question: If Hart had really regretted those old utterances and done some sort of work to educate himself about LGBTQ + issues he certainly does not need a young gay man to explain to him the concept of homophobia

"Who cares?" Is a common denial among heterosexual people when members of the LGBTQ + community openly discuss their sexuality or gender identity someone "who cares?" Says, is what he often disguises, the unwillingness to recite something This is related to discrimination, violence and ande Together, they identify issues specific to queer, as well as the reluctance to acknowledge the way they individually immortalize homophobic or transphobic ideas (as did Hart's old tweets).

There is also a very simple answer to the question "Who cares?" Representing LGBTQ + in pop culture is still so low that the importance of a gay, black Generation Z rappers breaking the records of the music industry for 19 consecutive weeks and holding the number one spot can not be underestimated Aspect of your life, both private and professional; For example, it is still legal for a company in 17 states to dismiss one employee for LGBTQ +. Especially in the entertainment industry, staying out can limit the possibilities of an artist: actress Kristen Stewart recently gave an interview in which she described the pressure not to divulge her bisexuality Marvel movie "when she stopped giving her friend's hand to the public

Lil Nas X would have known before he came out that this could affect his career, he could even have record managers who advise him against it, but he did anyway because he remembered how it felt to grow up and believed he should not feel in a certain way, and he wanted to be the "cool guy with the song," showing young people they do not have to worry about it alone. Kevin Hart may be interested not for her, but Lil Nas X already.

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