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Let's talk about the privilege and pressure to exercise now

Well, listen, I understand. Movement is my life. I love it in all of its incredibly sweaty glory and maybe you too. I understand why it can be a big deal for you not to go to the gym, hit the sidewalk with your running group, attend a class, or teach a class. I'm also sweating at home now. I also teach classes from home. And I also have the privilege of doing this.

To hold this thing together, here are nine different tips that I want to share with everyone who is thinking about their fitness.

1. Honor the fact that you can exercise now if you want

I know I said it before, but I'll say it again. It is a privilege to be able to think about your fitness goals during this time. Take a moment to sink in. And I mean, let it work completely. Let it penetrate your veins until you shine with gratitude. Your body is an incredible vessel and movement is a blessing. So it's not that you can't or shouldn't focus on your fitness goals if you want to and can, but I think it's important to remember how happy you are to do so. Appreciate your skills and position in this chaotic time. Maybe you meet on your mat or in the living room with a little more compassion and look forward to your progress with a little more awe.

Of course, we understand that our society is built on the fact that some of us have privileges while others don't, or more specifically that some people suffer so others have certain privileges, is essential. The social stratification ̵

1; based on race, class, gender, sexuality, size, ability and more – is deeply integrated into the structure of this country. Regardless of whether it's fitness or literally something else, we need to untangle these threads of privilege to acknowledge that they actually exist and then figure out how to challenge the systems that further deepen them. It means being aware of the fact that some of us have what we need and want, probably means that other people are not getting what they need and want. This pandemic shines a particularly bright light on all of this.

If you feel that I do it often – that the mere recognition of privileges that we may have doesn't really do much to correct mistakes – I suggest doing some things to make your privileges meaningful to use.

Think about how you can contribute to your community that uses your privileges. Can you donate money to a mutual fund? Can you voluntarily buy groceries for an elderly or immunocompromised person in your neighborhood? Can you sew masks or offer tutoring or other virtual services? Or maybe you can donate a little more as part of these online courses so that someone else can attend classes?

2. Don't be drawn into the "no excuses" mindset.

Just because many of us have more time at home does not mean that we are obliged to train them. While everyone is on all Insta and FB lives, it's okay if you sit outside to "live" in your own life. Although I myself am one of the trainers / instructors who offer live courses and other online offerings, I hope that you see all of these options in the same way: Options. Deals. Opportunities. Non-pressurized, FOMO-inducing commitments. If you expose one or two (or all) of them, that's fine. You will still be there later. And if you just don't want to exercise at home, that's fine too!

3. Now is a good time to simply train for stress relief and general wellbeing compared to #gains.

Maybe now is not the time to choose your next level fitness goals. Maybe you couldn't even if you wanted to, because you don't have access to the space or equipment you would need for it. It's good. Try not to let the pressure go on as you have always added to the stress that is already surrounding us. Because it surrounds us on every platform and channel, empty aisles of grocery stores and taped markings on the floor. Instead, use exercise for relief and relief, for fun, and to stay healthy when and how it best serves you.

4. Get annoyed or annoyed at how all this changes your exercise routine.

There is no right way to feel now. Feeling excited about canceling an event, feeling lost or confused about how to change your routine, or feeling frustrated that your hard-earned progress has suddenly been thwarted – that's all natural and fine.

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